Sunday, March 2, 2008


It's just another day in the snow belt. Here I am standing at my back door looking out to my garage. I must have slept through the plow clearing my driveway this morning. That never happens.

I think I've had food poisoning for the last 36 hours. I probably deserve it for stepping foot into a Taco Bell, but let's just say I didn't get a very restful sleep last night.

My bullets aren't working.

Next week I'm hosting my 200-year old company's first GLBT meeting. As the organizers all get together, we're in shock that it's happening. It will just be lunch and a conference call with the CEO, but it's a huge step forward.

I watched the movie Unforgiven Unfaithful (duh) again last night (it was on TV.) MAN, it's freaky. I love that movie.

I've been wrapped up in worry every second of every day lately. It's ridiculous. I'm not sleeping, I've been hating going to work. It ain't right. I gave myself an attitude adjustment a week or two ago and things are going much better. I'm so prone to take on the stress of the world, and it's just a waste of time. I wish I could learn that once and for all, but I'll settle for learning it over and over, as long as I keep figuring it out.

I'm trying to plan my trips for this year. I'm thinking: Russia, Scandinavia, Montreal, DC (to see the Japanese cherry blossoms!), Nashville, and the Pacific Northwest. These are just some ideas for now . . . the dreaming is almost as fun as the travel.

I did the mock interviews again last Thursday. They were again inspiring and overwhelming. It sure kicks the shit out of any problems you might have. I'm still trying to get in touch with my PLWA buddy. She doesn't have a phone and I've been discouraged that it's three weeks later and I still haven't been able to hook up with her. I'll keep trying.

I can't resign myself to live the next four eight years without Hillary. I'm still holding out hope for a Hillary/Edwards ticket. If Tuesday bombs, I'll have to get back into my "any Democrat" mindset. It shouldn't be too hard - I'll just watch one Bush news conference and be glad for anyone who can conjugate verbs.

It's cleaning day today. I'll vacuum. Who wants to do the bathrooms?


  1. I'll clean the bathrooms if your travels are going to take you to Seattle. :)

  2. Like Matt, I don't mind cleaning bathrooms (my own, at least)...I think it's because I like to be in them when they are clean. As for the snow, should I tell you that we're in shirt sleeve weather, daffocils are in bloom, and the sun in shining??
    Fantastic news on you heading up the GLBT group! Thanks so much.

  3. Woman, I feel ya on the Hillary/Edwards ticket. She told my Ms. Famous gal who's campaigning with her that she'll give Al Gore his own wing in the White House for his environmental work. Please, baby Jesus, please.

    But yeah, in the end, I'll take the new kid who's all pretty talk if I must. But OY. Just oy. (Um, does your state know it's close to Spring?)

  4. ok. will you tell me why i should be happy about smarmy hillary being in office? no one else that i ask seems to want to. i know she's better than w and all, but in my book that's the only thing good she has going for her, and that ain't much.

    i'd be happy to clean your bathrooms. it's always been my favorite room to clean.

  5. Go see the Canary Islands. They rock. The weight of the world is not that bad. It makes for strong shoulders. ;)

  6. Looks like your gal Hillary is still in the running! You don't think she'd abandon us as senator of NY if she doesn't get the nomination do you? Ouch.

  7. I can't get over how much snow there is. In Australia, it only snows in a small area of southern New South Wales and across the border in Victoria.