Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm headed to Shittsburgh this morning for a business trip. I don't want to fly, but the weather has been decent, no huge snow storms, so I'm hoping to have an uneventful trip. Uneventful means no getting stuck at Newark for six hours like last time. Just so we're clear.

I hate packing for work trips. Generally I need my entire assortment of clothes to chose from when I'm dressing in the morning. It doesn't really work to pick out two outfits and have those be my only options when away from home. And shoes. What about shoes? Who knows what shoes will look best with a certain skirt? Argh. I need a uniform.

It's consistently been about 30° and windy lately, but the sun has actually been out for a couple of days in a row. This is a huge development. I was driving to godforsaken Utic@ on Saturday to exchange my stupid TV and I was giddy over the blue sky. It's so hopeful. I even had my sunroof open and got a little sun on my forehead. I'm hoping part of the funky funk that I've been in for the last couple of months has to do with the weather. The weather up here is brutal. But it's going to be changing soon, and so am I.

I have a late morning flight, so it's time to dry the hair. Have a great week, peeps. Hope the sun is shining where you are.


  1. We've had four days of snow and sleet. Admittedly not enough to lie on the ground but it hasn't made for a great Easter. Good old global warming!

  2. Some days I really want a uniform too. Which is odd since I suffered in one from 1st grade through Senior year.

  3. My mood is totally affected by the weather--I can relate. Hang in there! Spring takes a long time to come where you are, but it will. :)

  4. i hate flying but when i do, i hope to god that he doesn't make the plane crash especially since i've been baaaad. hope you had a nice trip.