Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All Rise

I'm headed to bed in thirty seconds, but I wanted to try to get out of my brain here first. Today was day two of jury duty and it is just painful. I had nightmares about the trial I'm on last night, and the weight of everything I'm listening to all day long feels like too much. God, what kind of a system do we have when we rely on people like me to be of sound mind? Am I really a peer to these people? When in real life do we have things that we absolutely can't tell a single soul about, assholes? Do you know that we can't even talk amongst the jury members? I'm a very good secret-keeper, but this burden feels too big and a little crazy. I'm hanging on until Friday, and then it's going to be LSL: All Trial, All the Time. I'm going to do podcasts. I'm going to rent out time on cable access TV. I'm going to purge every last detail of it.

I did get tagged by Glenn the Great last week (God, I adore Glenn), so now I'm going to try to dig up seven facts that you people don't know about me.
  1. I like being tagged. It feels like taking your tray into the cafeteria for lunch and someone yelling, "Hey, come sit by us!"
  2. When something cracks me up, I often say, "That's so funny" without laughing or smiling. It bugs even me. I can't stop.
  3. I'm reading The Kite Runner. STOP! Don't spoil it for me! God, everywhere I go with this book perfect strangers are dying to ruin my life by spoiling it for me.
  4. Maybe I can see Matter and Sizzle next month when I visit my nephew in Seattle . . .
  5. It's my friend Shoo Shoo's birthday today (she never posts here). We went to Bible College together, and we used to scare the crap out of each other by hiding and jumping out from around a corner when the other person was coming out of the dorm bathroom late at night. Good times.
  6. I signed up on Twitter this week because, goddammit, the next time I get kidnapped in Egypt, it's going to help me get released. (Honestly. That's why I signed up.) I also signed back up on 43 things, just hoping to do even one. And I plagiarized the hell out of Sizzle in the meantime. (I meant to tell you first, Sizz. Sorry.)
  7. I won! I won, I won, I won!


  1. "(God, I adore Glenn)"

    So kneel and exhibit obeisance.

  2. How did you plagiarize me? I'm flattered?

    Don't make me lick you again.

  3. Something is different.

    Is your sidebar on the other side or something?

  4. Glenn - I had to look that word up.

    Sizz - I did it on my 43 things. I just can't help it - I really liked how you said it a few posts back. I wrote a few notes down then and used them when I did my 43things.

    Dave2 - (Giver of All Good Things, like Blogography playing cards and pins), the sidebar is on the other side. I just changed templates; I get tired of them after a while.

  5. Did you get to the part in The Kite Runner with the big sword battle on top of the World Trade Center where Amir foils the 9/11 conspiracy by throwing Osama Bin Laden over the edge and then Hassan saves Amir's life at the last second by swooping down in the Millenium Falcon? Because I have to say, I totally did not see any of that coming.

  6. YAY finally i have read a book that you are reading !!! ( some of your books that you have shared thus far have been eclectic ) anyway Kite runner is a very sad book indeed I got misty a few times ( not telling you where) But the sword fight thing on top of the WTC was awesome huh!!

  7. You know, i read the Kite Runner and I am among the three people in the world who did not love the book. However, the follow up was wonderful. A tragic story, or, rather, a story with tragic things in it, but a wonderful book. Loved it.

  8. Dude, how sad is it that I'm just now finally reading a post you did on my b-day... I haven't opened your gifts yet either... Don't ask. Okay, you can ask; but I'm composing an email as we speak, actually ;p Thanks for thinking of me and even mentioning me and my half-dead (nearly-dead??) blog! I'm so ridiculous!