Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Snippets

*This week while driving to work I saw a policeman throw garbage out of his patrol car window onto the road. I wrote down the license plate and called a non-emergency number to let someone know. The patrol Sergeant called me back and left a nice, apologetic message saying he would follow up. It must be hard to have your every move noticed, but I just hate littering.

*I got the neatest opportunity this week to join a 12-week Dale Car.negie class designed to help professionals go to the next level. I think it will provide assistance in areas I really could use it - self-confidence, stress management, personal flexibility. My contact is going to allow me to attend for 1/2 price (those are some pricey classes!) because she said she rarely sees people as motivated to grow as I am. I've known this for a while - I'll (disappointingly) never be the smartest, the most well-spoken, the most poised, but I might be the person in the room that tries the hardest. The class starts in September and I'm really excited.

*I'm finally using Google Reader to keep current on all of my favorite bloggie-poos. I resisted forever because I like seeing the individual templates - the personalities of each blog. Plus, it's a huge pain to get set up in an aggregator. But now that I'm set up, it's so easy to keep tabs on everyone.

*I signed up for a class at work to help my public speaking ISSUE and it takes place next month in Boston. Boston! Woot! (Is this the proper use of "Woot!"?) I'm going three days early to enjoy my first time in what everyone says is an awesome city. It sure is fun to explore the NE, and since the economy has all but priced me out of taking a vacation this year, adding a few days onto a work trip works in a pinch.

*On Friday it was 97 and humid here! High five minus four!

*Yesterday I went to see Mamma Mia in the theater with my mom. That movie is terrible! Did it even occur to them to try to cast singers for a musical movie? It's too bad - maybe if I hadn't seen the Broadway show I would have liked it. To make matters worse, there are no good Youtube videos of the musical to watch 1,000 times in an attempt to get Meryl and Pierce's singing voices out of my head.

*Someone found my blog recently by googling "tiny buns."


  1. "..called a non-emergency number.." Interesting that you felt a need to clarify this. :)
    I get pissed when I see people littering.
    I once was standing at a set of lights when a car pulled up and the female passenger who had her feet up on the dash rolled down the window and chucked out some paper or something like that. I was so appalled by this that I bent over and picked it up and through it back into the car. I then topped it off with "I don't come to your suburb and litter so don't come to mine and do it".
    Thankfully for me the traffic lights changed and they drove off instead of choosing to get out of the car and smack me in the head. lol
    A friend saw Mamma Mia today and she said that she thought it was "the worst film ever" but yet blogami Marc loved it. Those 'gays' can be funny. ;)

  2. 1) yeah, it must suck to have your every move noticed, but nothing makes me more angry than seeing a cop break the law. i'm kind of seething just thinking about it actually.

    3) google reader is AWESOME squared

  3. "High five minus four!"

    I love that. :)

    And I heard Mamma Mia was excruciatingly awful. What a disappointment ... I loved the musical. But I can't stand Pierce Brosnan at all. What kind of a name is "Pierce"?

  4. ohh! what a bummer to hear Mamma Mia is a bust! I'm with you and LOVE the musical - dad bought me tickets for christmas a few years back when they came thru P-town. I'm quite sure I've never had so much fun!
    Good for you on calling the cops on the cop. That's really inexcusable for anyone these ecofriendly days - let alone an officer. nice work.

    i miss you. have i told you that lately? I do.

  5. From the bottom of my dispatch-heart, thank you for calling the non-emergency number!! Most patrol sergeants are good about following up, public perception is important. Good for you for calling.

  6. I love my Google reader. Just be careful because the number of blogs you follow tends to exponentially increase quickly. :)

    I so would have called the non-emergency number too -- hate that he thinks he could get away with it.

  7. Hey Rainey! I forgot that you'd be interested in this. I absolutely called the non-emergency number, suspecting that you folks get enough bogus calls and don't need another :)

  8. Wow, love this little sum-up of events, so to the point!

    - I am glad you call out the policeman who littered. I know cops are human, too; however, as Spiderman said "greater power comes with greater reponsibility", they have the responsibility to set examples for other citizens. Littering is definitely not one of those.

    - Yes, that's how to use "w00t"! Remember a while back I was trying to figure out whether it's the right way to use it? I am all trained up by my fellow tweens in online games.

    - Thanks for giving me a heads up with Mamma Mia, crossed that off on my list.

  9. Tsk, tsk on that policeman! He should be part of the solution--not the pollution! (Okay, that's a current ad slogan here on the subways--I didn't think of it myself.)

    I've heard mixed things about Mama Mia, but I still want to see it. I bet it's bad in that really good way. ;-)

  10. It sounds like you have a lot more going on for yourself then most people do in a year.... 5 years for some of us... It's inspiring as always...