Sunday, August 10, 2008


I had a rough week last week, which I will recount in mind-numbing detail later, and so by the time Saturday arrived, I was all tuckered out. I thought maybe I'd stay in bed all day with the covers over my head, but my sister texted me and asked me to go walking at the high school, and I really, really needed to get some exercise and fresh air whether I felt like it or not, (not, by the way), so I took her up on it. On the way we stopped at my PO box and . . .

Blogography swag! Yay! This year I entered one of Dave2's awesome Blogiversary contests, and won. (Have I mentioned that I have great luck?) My swag arrived in the mail on Saturday and I've been oogling the massive haul ever since. Dave is such an amazing artist and I can vouch for the superior quality of all the items I received. The t-shirts are thick and yummy, and the playing cards are so cool! The joker print is beautiful, and I love Ducky Buttons! I have oodles now. I believe that the store is closed due to Dave's near-constant travel, but I would recommend checking back often. And if you're not a Dave reader, I'd start here. He's got killer illustrations and he posts daily, which I love. Thanks, Dave, for your awesome swag!


  1. Dave, Dave, Dave...that's all I hear anymore. He's everywhere! And that damned monkey. If he wasn't such a great guy, I'd take him out behind the woodshed and.......

  2. Congratulations on your winnings! Bad Monkey as the deck's Joker seemed like a natural. :-)

  3. Ehm... I can smell jealousy from above...

    The monkey joker does look awesome! I've got to check his site out.

    You have great luck eh? So... when are we getting lottery tickets together? :D