Sunday, October 19, 2008


I got a MacBook Pro last night and I've been playing around with it ever since.  My first impression of my first Mac is really good - the look and feel is amazing, and makes Windows, which I've always loved, feel clunky and a little like wearing leg warmers and a banana clip.

After spending 10 hours+ sitting at my desk doing e-mail at work each day, I dread coming home to sit at my desk and do personal e-mail and blogging.  Maybe being more mobile will help me want to write more.  

So my MacBook is my new love.  Did I mention the keys are lit from underneath?


  1. awesome! welcome to the cult.

  2. Many happy congratulations! Welcome to Mac whoredom. :-)

  3. It's funny I found out about your new MacBook from your comments at Durban Buds, LOL

    I know it's a deadly sin, but I'm envy... very envy... NOOOOOO Kevin Spacey, please don't attack me!

    Anyway, we need pictures. :D

  4. I've been waiting so long to buy one but was a bit spooked by the black keyboard, which just reminds me of the early 80s. However, I've got a grip now and it won't be long before I give in. I recently got the biggest iMac for my home, but that wasn't exactly "on message" as far as my ambitions to go globetrotting. I suddenly can't decide between the Pro and the MacBook - I love the size of the smaller machine but then I'm loving having a 24" screen on my desk and being able to have 2 or 3 open documents on the go at once, so maybe I should be a typical gay boy and choose the extra 2 inches. What swayed you to the Pro?

  5. Greg's comment: "I should be a typical gay boy and choose the extra 2 inches." That's' exactly why LSL got it. :;