Thursday, November 20, 2008

Like Gel but Not

Tonight it's snowing flakes that are so huge they look like they're in a cartoon. It's beautiful outside. Driving home from class tonight the world was silent and dark and completely white. It was wonderful.

It makes me so happy to find the old show Frasier on television. The Space Needle is in the background of almost every shot and seeing it makes me feel all warm inside. Or maybe it's the Nyquil I just drank. 

After six days on antibiotics, I started to feel worse yesterday. Our office, and maybe our whole town, is a frickin petri dish right now. We're all passing germs back and forth and back and forth. I felt ickier still today, so I called my doc and ended up with three new meds. I'm supposed to wrap up work tomorrow and start my two-week vacation in DC on Saturday. Argh

I don't know if this will translate, but: This morning on the way out of the house, I squirted a huge glob of hand lotion onto my hand and then went out to the garage to warm up my car. I had on a cute little cashmere twin set and nice black pants. I got my car warmed up and went through my purse to make sure I had everything I needed, and then, as I started to drive down my driveway, I glanced into my rear view mirror. I'd apparently forgotten about the lotion and mindlessly primped and had run my fingers all through my hair while my car was warming up. It was part There's Something About Mary and part Don King. Zero parts funny. It takes me forever to wash and straighten my 100 pounds of hair each morning, so there was no starting over. I ran back inside, finding smears of lotion all over my coat, sweater, pants, SHOES, and purse, and just tried to use a hair dryer to get my hair to stop standing straight up. Ok, now it's a little funny. But then, not very much. 


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I've found lotion, well lube really, in all sorts of places.

    And you can keep the snow, thanks. Frasier is one of my favorites. My mother in law tells me that I remind her of Niles. Hum.

  2. Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather, but I did laugh a little at your lotion story. :-)

  3. HA HA... that IS funny and just the sort of thing I dread doing and I'm so scatterbrained that I have to concentrate and get very anal with myself whenever I am in the bathroom (that sounded better before I typed it).

    Seriously, once last year I JUST stopped myself in time after applying toothpaste to my safety razor and lifting it to my mouth. I still wince when I think about it.

    Ah, you have snow... lovely. Here in Yorkshire it just rains colder in Winter. Last year it snowed maybe once or twice but never settled. So unmagical.

    Sounds like you need that vacation - have a great relaxation!

    G x

  4. Tears, you have me in tears. I thank you very much!

    It translated very well especially the "part There's Something About Mary and part Don King. Zero parts funny."

  5. Excuse me for laughing. Although the image of Don King creeps me out.