Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mac Attack

The best $100 I've spent in a long time was the $100 I spent for Apple Care. I don't know why you have to pay to get phone support, but thank Buddha I did. I talk with the kids on the end of the line at Apple Care more than I talk with friends or family. Tonight my Internet was down and I couldn't figure out my Airport Express. An hour and a half of talking with a guy in Boise later, I guess I've been sucking off someone else's wireless for the entire month since I got my Mac. My AE was never configured correctly. Oops. It's all so confusing; half-way through the call, the rep asked if I had a paperclip or pen. I sat in silence, dumbfounded and not able to think through where the paperclip was in my Finder or on my desktop. Ummmm . . . he meant an actual (not virtual) paperclip so I could poke the tiny reset button on my Express. Argh.  

Anyway, the dudes are always so nice and patient, and clearly used to working with rookies. The most recent call was to ask about the format of my external hard drive and led to a conversation about Time Machine. The Time Machine feature is amazing - wireless, regular back up - and now I need to figure out if it's worth scrounging up the money for a Time Capsule. The reviews online are incredibly mixed, and I don't need anything crazy screwing me up. But if it could work, it's pretty cool. What's up with everyone talking about how hot it gets?  

That's all I got tonight. 

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  1. Congrats on drinking the Mac KoolAid. The steepest part of my learning curve when I switched, took about 2 weeks. Been good since.

    Re: Time's been worth it for us. I don't use it myself...I've got an external harddrive at the office that I use for backup with Time Machine. But Time Capsule pairs a great wifi router with a wireless external harddrive. Can't beat it for braindead, no thinking backups. Amy's computer backs up whenever she's in the house. It just works.

    My fav Mac software (not that you asked): Quicksilver, Skitch, Pathfinder, Adium, Twhirl, TextExpander, Growl, Screenflow. There's probably more, but that'll be enough for you to investigate. :-)