Thursday, November 6, 2008

A New Day?

I wrote this last night but was too tired to proof and publish it, and I thought it was too emotional and confusing.  Tonight I realized I am emotional and confusing, so it's ok.

I'm exhausted today and if there is one thing that sets me off in the wrong direction, it's lack of sleep.  I really need to sleep well in order to function.  And last night I was too excited to sleep. 

I wore my Obama pin on my sweater today because I wasn't ready to stop celebrating.  I had bloodshot eyes from all the crying last night - could anyone watch the coverage without crying? - and while driving to my civic meeting this morning they started to play his acceptance speech on NPR.  That started me crying again.  

I'm shocked and thrilled and relieved about Obama's victory, but I'm upset about Prop 8 in California.  What happened?  What happened!  California, we look to you to set trends and lead the way.  I know that FL, AZ, and AR have their heads up their asses half the time.  But you? What happened? 

I hate their Governor for being so wimpy about his opinion that passing Prop 8 was wrong.  I'm disgusted that the Mormons, who have apparently forgotten their not-so-distant history of rampant, "God-ordained" polygamy, funded this "victory."  I'm sickened at James Dob.son and his Focus on One Type of Family and his intense homophobia and hate.

What have they gained?  Do they feel good that they're denying part of the population basic rights?  Should we just get separate drinking fountains for gay people?  Maybe they should sit at the back of the bus.  If you don't think gay marriage is ethical, don't get married to a person of the same gender.  Or don't attend a gay wedding.  Say your opinion when the topic comes up. Ignore it altogether. But do we really want to be people who legalize discrimination?  Do we want proof of our bigotry in a state constitution?  I guess we do.  

I need to maintain HOPE that we'll eventually get where we need to be. Because I'm excited about Obama, but it doesn't mean the same thing if we ALL can't enjoy it together.  All men are created equal?  Not in America.

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  1. Omg, the way the spaces are showing up in this new template is driving me crazy. Not all of the sentences are left-justified. Is nothing sacred? I hope I can sleep tonight.

  2. You'll never know how much it means for you to be speaking up and making your heart and thoughts known. It's a mess. And it's not right.

  3. The No on Prop 8 campaign was AWFUL. We had an excellent opportunity to talk about a history of discrimination and didn't do it until the last bloody second. I want to kick the shit out of the people who ran the campaign, because it was awful. People simply didn't understand what the hell was going on.

    I don't know if you saw any of the pro Prop 8 ads, but they were vicious. Full of lies and extremely well crafted. We should have matched them--why couldn't we say that we don't change our constitution to support the Klan's desire for "racial purity" so why do we have a ballot measure supporting "marriage purity?" Why didn't we get that direct?

    Anyhoo, pardon my novel. We will march on. This is California, goddamnit, and we will overcome.

  4. Hey, thanks for the link. I always like seeing you around.

    The Prop 8 thing is a shame. Hopefully it's just a matter of time. I believe things will get better.

    Hello, LSL.

  5. aw, you're sweet for linking to me, thanks.

    sadly, our country has a long history of legislated bigotry. i think, this too, will eventually just be a stain on our tarnished past. the younger generations don't have the same views on homosexuality as we older generations do. they're more comfortable with their friends and loved ones being gay.

    as always, we homos appreciate you speaking out on the issue. we need as many people like you on our side as we can get.

  6. No, we're not all equal. It was so nice of the "Yes" clan to point that out.

    We're actually much more wonderful then they are. It was jealousy, nothing more.

    (Well, that's what I'm telling myself ... )