Thursday, December 25, 2008


I guess it was Amy Grant that made me hate the song, "Jingle Bell Rock." Never have I heard someone so in need of a sedative. So I'm listening to holiday music, but not that one, and just enjoying the evening. I really need to go to bed - I return to work on Monday and need to flip my schedule back around so I'm bright-eyed in the morning. But tonight I'm really loving the Christmas tree lights and wanted to get a few thoughts down. 

I had a great holiday meal at my sister's this afternoon, and I came home with my favorite food: leftovers. I can hardly wait until lunch tomorrow to make a big Thanksgiving-like plate and enjoy it all over again. I might have to do it for breakfast. Today we broke up the bouts of eating by going to see Benjamin Button. It's an interesting, pretty unique movie and I enjoyed it, even though I generally hate any movie, no matter how good, over two hours. This one is almost three, so it says a lot that I liked it. And then we came home and ate again. 

I can't go through a holiday now without thinking back to my holidays in Japan. I feel overwhelmed, truly, with how nice my holidays are now. I don't have everyone that I love right here - the balance of my family is still in the Pacific Northwest, and my friends are scattered everywhere, except here I guess - but it's incredibly meaningful to be with my sister and BIL. I can't even say how thankful I am. 

Santa was good to me. I have a new book about Bobby Kennedy and lots of other treats. And I got lots of e-mails, calls and texts from friends. It's so good to be in the States for the holidays!


  1. It all sounds perfect! I'm glad that you enjoyed.... Are you feeling better?

  2. Leftovers are great no matter when you eat them. Holidays in Japan must have been strange . Sounds like a great Christmas.

  3. being so far away from my own family is a good/bad thing. on one hand--no drama. on the other hand, some level of loneliness.

  4. so does going back to work mean that you're finally feeling better?

    i'm glad you had a good christmas. i hope your n.y's is as awesome.