Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My two-week staycation (I hate that word) is winding down, and I'm finishing in grand style: yesterday I somehow hurt my back again and I've been in a heavy, drug-induced sleep for the past 12 hours. I hate this, I really do, hate back issues and even the great drugs. I have so much I want to do these last few days. Back issues can be so painful and I've had them off and on for years. It has totally derailed my plans. Argh. 

So on to more pleasant things. This week I got out my Christmas stuff, and two nights ago I got a tree. It's decorated all pink and red and very Charlie Brown, but I love it. For the next month I'll read, watch tv, blog, and do everything that I do by the light of the tree. The cat has taken to sleeping on the tree skirt, which is pretty cute.

On Sunday I drove through snow, sleet, rain and hail to Godforsaken Buffalo to see a concert. The drive took almost twice as long as it normally would and I arrived at my hotel with a sore fanny and shoulders permanently scrunched from the stress. My hotel totally sucked and I'm pretty sure I picked up a communicable disease and a parasite or two from my room (this isn't very pleasant, is it?), and the entire trip would have been pretty sad had it not been for the show. 

It was at Mohawk Place, which is a gross bar in Godforsaken Buffalo, and by "gross" I mean completely awesome and groovy. I loved it. The show was Matt Hires, Meaghan Smith and Eric Hutchinson. I usually hate opening acts (I know, I know) but these two turned out great. The whole show was exactly the kind of music I love, and I enjoyed every minute. Matt's voice took me totally by surprise - gritty, nuanced, yummy. What a pleasure to find some new music to love. Meaghan turned out to be equally awesome - voice like buttah, and beautiful original songs. She has a great sense of humor and I've been listening to her nonstop since the show. Eric was just Eric, which is to say the thinnest, pastiest, coolest singer/songwriter ever. Eric's here and his sarcasm is here. I was a Hutchhead before the show, but I am now even more.

All in all, a good week. If I could wake up tomorrow with my back feeling ok, it would be even better. 


  1. So many people don't like the term staycation. I don't mind it if it means I am sitting at home in my pjs!

  2. I hurt my back too the last three days. It's been terrilble. but a bit better tonight. yoga is helping!

  3. You've done more in your 2 weeks than I've achieved all year - a visit to DC, getting on top of your housework, decorating for Christmas, driving to see this gig... I expect it was the driving that did your back in, but maybe it's also a hint to stay put and use a couple of days to.. you know... REST a bit? Take a hint from your moggy (i.e. stretch out and relax, even under the tree if you want to enjoy the lights)

    I hope you feel better very soon.