Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm the One in the Black Hat

I'm in Washington for the inauguration and having a great time. I'm staying with a friend who lives right in D.C. and loving all the activities. We went to the concert on the Mall yesterday - what a zoo. As we were walking back to the Metro afterwards along a chain link fence, both pondering what it would be like if our 750,000 friends decided to smoosh us up against the fence, I said to him, "What if I had an anxiety attack right this second?" He said, "Go ahead, I don't think there's anything we can do." So true. It's hard to have a frame of reference for what it's like to be in a crowd that size. Unnerving, really. And, of course, it was just a test-run for Tuesday. Yipes.

It's so fun to be in a big city, and we're shopping and eating great food (Chipotle, I love you), and just enjoying the vibe. While you watch the coverage tomorrow, look for me! I'll wave!

(Jk about the black hat thing.)


  1. And I'm the one in the brightly colored rainbow hat with the flashing lights. See me? Happy days...have a great time!

  2. And I'm the one in the hot pink hat. :) Hope you're enjoying yourself as much as we are!

  3. I'm so jealous that you're there! Sometimes I think I live on the wrong side of the country. Have an incredible time, wear your gloves, and tell me all about it when you're back. :)

  4. dear sweet baby jesus. this one knocked it out of the park, lsl. i actually lol'ed. ol. i particularly love that your idea of good food is chipotle. ah, small town life. fantastic.

    i'm jealous, but not jealous, 'cause whoa. those crowds. but it would be exciting to see it live.

    have much fun. don't die!