Sunday, January 25, 2009

In the Margins of My Eastern Europe Guidebook

  • This time: 4 pr. pants, 4 shirts, 1 sweater. Next time: 3 pr. pants (for a 2-week trip)

  • Pension Nossek in Vienna - room 1, thin walls like everywhere, 8 Euro laundry by pension, very clean, rude as hell

  • Call brother on 11/14 (his birthday)

  • Krakow train station - Tourist Information office by tracks 3/4 - clean, kind, Internet, English speaking

  • Nuss strudel - YUM!

  • Korowod - 14:45, 19:15, 21:15 (a movie I saw in Krakow)

  • Evelyn Ginsberg, 76 - how old are you, have you ever been married, of course not, you're too smart (a lady from NYC that I met in Krakow)

  • Buy Chuck Taylors when I get home

  • In Vienna get batteries, contact solution, chocolate, a big bag
(Having serious wanderlust again and looking through my old Rick Steves books.)


  1. I had Rick's "Europe in your Pocket" in my pack in 1990 and very much enjoyed the tour. It did almost get me into trouble at one point, though, where I turned up late in a small Italian town where the guide said that a particular hotel owner would find alternative accommodations should his place be full. I would guess, from the hotelier's invective against "Rickeee Steveee" that I was not the first to ask... Fortunately there was one last train out of the town or I'd have had to sleep on the beach. I shake my head when I think back to how reckless I was in my 20s... good times

  2. I remember suggesting to you long ago about a few things to do when you were in of my favorite cities in the world! I love those moments of travel that bring back so many memories...just like simple handwriting in the margins of a book.