Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Warmer

I've been in a rotten mood today. It's hotter than the surface of the sun in my apartment, and this is just the beginning of a really warm week. I'm not exactly sure if it's only the weather that is creating this foul mood, but today had me wishing I had a partner just so I had someone to pick a fight with. 

I had my final meeting with my career coach today. When the Bank shitcanned me they hired a consultant probably to ensure they didn't get sued if I jumped off a cliff. I cannot fathom that four months of coaching together with my severance package and bonus was cheaper than keeping me and letting me do the work of three, but I digress. (See? It's all attitude here today, folks.)

The consultant left me a phone message last week to set up our meeting today. Her voicemail said, "I hope you're back from Hawaii rested and ready to get serious about the job hunt." Ruh roh. I am back from Hawaii, but I'm not really serious about anything right now, and certainly not the job hunt. I've been concerned that when I come back from running errands some day, my family and friends will be sitting in my living room in a circle. Today my sister told her that she thinks I should stretch the funemployment thing out as long as possible, and it was a huge relief to hear her say that (since that is becoming the closest thing I have to a plan.) 

I had a really great weekend. I met Iron Fist and Kerri Anne for breakfast (was that lunch? I'm not a morning person) on Saturday at the PSU Farmer's Market (where I took the very random picture posted here.) It was so awesome. I think I'll go back this weekend. Then I took my second yoga class. (When I paid for that first one it included two weeks of any classes.) It was interesting - this one was totally different from the first. I still didn't love it, but I did like experiencing another person's style. This time the teacher was slightly older than the last, maybe mid 40's, and you could tell she'd been through therapy. She had zero control issues; she said if we just mimic exactly what she's doing then we're not really doing yoga, we're just conforming. Hello, Portland. I've missed you. She talked a lot and I just loved her vibe. Then I had a pretty good jog that night. 

On Sunday I had my Apple lesson, and instead of working in iMovie, we just screwed around sharing cool sites and talking about Hawaii. It was really fun. Then I met a friend for lunch and had a great discussion about transgenderism, and then another good jog in the evening. Somewhere in there I also watched the coolest documentary, Sliding Liberia, which is a must for surfing fans and everyone else, too. Trailer here. In Hawaii while I was at the North Shore I met the girl in the movie. Very good story.

Both days were so connecting, so satisfying. On my way to meet the kids on Saturday I thought, I'm probably at the point where the social things and activities that I've done in the four months since returning to Portland likely outnumber those that I did during three years in upstate NY. I mean, that's not the total equation, but it's part of it. 

Time to call this stinky day done. I think the lesson from today is that I need to get out of the house, even when it's 7,000* out. Sitting inside all day drives me crazy. I'm going to have to find an adventure tomorrow to get me moving.


  1. I could feel you calming down as you wrote this entry, which is something I've noticed about myself in the past. I love the term "funemployment" - I hadn't heard it before but it's a good fit, and I don't know anyone who does it better than you. I'm glad your Sister is on-board with your situation and not pressuring you.

    I love your random picture - I wonder what the story is there? Is it a guerilla art project?

    I wish we were experiencing such weather here. I bought some electric fans a few years back and would like to, you know, USE them one day. My heating keeps coming on, which means that the temperature is dipping below 64°. It's coming up to midday right now and it's dark in this room. I want this Summer to be more than sitting in my house, shivering and waiting for Swine Flu to reach my street.

  2. I wish I didnt have a job. Sounds great. I guess I kinda dont. I dont know if 4-6 hours a day of work a few days a week is a "job."

    I'm a bad house dweller. Since Friday I've left my apartment maybe 4 times. Supermarket twice, work once, gym once. If you dont push me out the door I stay put and find food by combining mysterious packaged remnants from my kitchen.

    Enough about me, this is your blog.

  3. Vahid and Kerri are good peeps. I'm SO GLAD you hung out. :-)

    That sign? I had to click to enlarge and then I laughed. HA!

    I'm not a fan of heat or sweating or fans running in my hotter-than-Hades apartment 24-7. Though, I've come to appreciate the white noise soothing nature of it.

  4. Man oh man, you sound happier than a lark. the heat screws with me big time....I'm not a giant fan of hot summertime. Thankfully, we do have AC....maybe we should get the group together at my place???!!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I love visitor.

    I'm still waiting for the insane humidity and heat to hit here...right now it's been in the 70's to mid 80's.

    Hang in there...the weather will change and so will your mood:)