Thursday, July 23, 2009


The other day I accidentally put my iPod Shuffle through an entire heavy cycle of the wash. I was so bummed when I found it lying lifeless in the bottom of the machine. I tested it just for kicks and thought it worked, but it only played one song over and over. So I went down to the Apple Store to purchase a new one - I can't run without music. My own gasping and wheezing alarms me.

I walked in and flagged down someone to help me. The guy that come over took a minute just staring at me before he started talking. He said, "Can I help you?" and then "I'm sorry, but you look so familiar. You must know my mom."


  1. Mean! Adding insult to injury. That is not Apple Store conduct!

  2. You can always count on Apple to make you feel uncool.

    Sorry about that.

    Hello, LSL.

  3. Oh, dear ... So "that" day has arrived, eh?

  4. It's worse because you subconsciously broke your ipod just to have a reason to go to the store.

    And can I add, most these entries dont sound like an unemployed woman's blog, ipods, Hawaii, um, eating meals. Not judgin, just sayin.

  5. Ma'am, that must have hurt! OUCH!!

  6. So, did you come back with the standard "Yeah, I f&cked yer mama" lines?

  7. You must know my Mom?!

    I would throat punch him.