Friday, August 7, 2009

I Want It That Way

A couple of weird things happened at the track this morning. I arrived and started stretching to get ready for my jog, and I noticed a woman running backwards on the track. She wasn't running back-first, but she was running in a clockwise direction showing complete disregard for the starting line, the arrows in the lanes, and two thousand years of conventional wisdom. I was flabbergasted. It bugged me so bad - I imagined myself doing a full-body tackle every time she came near me. Also, I'm used to people lapping me, but it happened twice as fast, as we were going in opposite directions.

Then there were two men were at opposite sides of the track making elaborate gestures to each other. They were stretching up high and then bending down low and contorting their hands in all kinds of positions. They seemed to be loosely mirroring each other. I thought they were nutballs and it made me a little uncomfortable to be on the semi-secluded track with them until I saw they had a tiny wire and were making yard marks on the field. I don't understand how they were doing it but they continued from one end of the field to the other so I think it was legit.

Finally, the last weird thing was me. I listened to a new playlist today and couldn't help but play air drums and dance as I went around the track. I have three playlists on my Shuffle - the first is called "Run Fast" and the second is called "Run Slow." They music isn't separated so much by tempo as by the degree it inspires me because of whatever memories or associations I have with the songs. I listened to Run Slow for the first time in a long time today and was overcome with excitement at "She's A Beauty" by The Tubes. What a great running song. The third playlist? Backstreet Boys, of course.

I see Colin Hay tonight at the Aladdin and I CAN'T WAIT! Here he is playing "Overkill" in Scrubs, and here I am talking about seeing him in upstate NY last year. It's going to be so much fun!


  1. Colin Hay- awesome. Hope you have a great time!

    I would be so perturbed by the lady running the wrong way. OMG.

  2. omg! colin Hay??? I'm sooooo sad I didn't know about this. I love him even more since he went solo, have all of his albums.

  3. Backwards lady is trying to ease the punishment on her hamstrings, is my guess, but yeah she should be on the outside lane for this.

    Run Lola Run soundrack is an excellent jog mix. Food for thought.


  4. The lady running backwards would distract me. I swear I have ADD when I run, unless I have my music then I can focus.

    Sounds like you just has a wierd run altogether. Was is a full moon...LOL