Sunday, August 23, 2009

Movie: The Cove

Tonight I went to see a truly amazing movie - The Cove, a documentary/thriller about dolphins being secretly captured and killed by the thousands in Taiji, Japan.

I should say that although I do love and appreciate animals, I didn't grow up around a lot of animals and I'm not really an animal nut. I'm also a bit freaky about movies - very picky about what I see, and then I spend most of my time checking my watch and making a mental shopping list. I shift in my seat every few minutes and think about the meaning of life. It's hard to capture my attention for two hours.

This movie is really something. Two hours felt like five minutes, and I'm not sure I even blinked. I did cry a few times, and I wanted to stand up and cheer near the end - it was truly hard not to. It's done so, so well. I will absolutely see it again.

In his 4-star review Ebert says, "There are many documentaries angry about the human destruction of the planetary peace. This is one of the very best - a certain Oscar nominee."

Have I convinced you yet? Please go see it and then tell me what you thought. I want someone to talk about it with!

Related: Awesome result of the movie - Taiji's sister city in Australia severs ties over the dolphin slaughter.

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  1. The hidden camera in the bird's nest sold me.

    But if I see it do you think the Japanese government will put me on some weird list? Im trying to get my visa renewed.

    By the preview it looks like a movie about arrogant Japanese men who cant stand being questioned by an "immoral" foriegner.

  2. I have been wanting to see this for a long time and now I must!