Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eat It

  • I'm starting to have anxiety a little more often about what I'm going to do for work and when I'm going to do it.
  • eHarmony guy #2 was super nice and pretty interesting, but a no-go. Guy #3 is on deck. (Calling me to chat but hasn't asked me out yet.) A friend suggested that it might take meeting 100 guys before clicking with one. Really? Because I am totally not interested in doing this that long.
  • I went to an Eric Hutchinson show on Sunday night where he won me over (again) with his smooth tunes and witty humor. The crowd was nuts for him. I almost didn't go because it started at 10:00 PM (PM!) but I'm so glad I did. Eric playing one of my faves here.
  • I saw my dentist last week after a three-year absence (because of living in NY, not because I have poor dental hygiene) and she said, "Oh my god, are you aging backwards?!" The hygienist made a similar comment when I saw her. They said I look the youngest I ever have. This has more to do with how horrible I looked and how unhappy I was the last time I saw them (on leave from Japan), and how I haven't lost my Hawaii tan yet due to my unemployedtastic status, but it was nice to hear. Plus no cavities.
  • Last night I dreamt I had prison sex with Maria Mena. Plus we were flying above Europe without a plane. No more pizza before bed.
  • I've been away from yoga for two weeks due to volunteering and other commitments. I'm back starting today and my goal is to do all three beginner classes per week for the next couple of weeks, at least. No one is more surprised than I am to say it has totally helped with stress, tight muscles, balance, breathing, everything. Crazy.
  • Oh man, I love this (not for the faint of heart.) Christians, the Apocolypse wants you to lose it's number. Srsly. (Via JMG.)
  • I thought I might try to write up a couple of my travel experiences and submit them to travel mags or websites. Just for fun.
  • Two more sleeps until the Blink-182 concert!
  • Jules is away for two weeks so my challenge is to overcome the fear of surfing without her. We'll see.
  • Favorite Twitterer ever: @shhdonttellsteve.
  • This scared the crap out of me:


  1. I LOVE Cannon Beach. Hell, I have even MADE love on Cannon Beach.

    Too much information?

  2. Holy crap that Steve twitterer is hilarious. FOLLOW!

    Be careful on those waves. That would (and does!) make me nervous.

  3. Only one more sleep until the concert! How is it possible that the holiday on Monday threw me off? Every day is a holiday for me.

  4. Okay, well, I've read the whole thing, and I believe it is now definitely time you went back to work.

    With overtime.

  5. Good lord LSL, your comment about your dream was one of the funniest things I've read in ages. I think I'm going to have pizza for dinner soon to see who I fly naked over Europe without a plane with.

  6. Oh, wait ... you didn't say naked. I guess I just assumed due to the "prison sex" phrase. My bad.

  7. great. now i'm imagining having prison sex with her also.

  8. oh. and don'ttellsteve is pretty funny. so is shitmydadsays if you don't follow him. twitter gold i say. gold.

  9. Hilarious about the dream... Is it documented that tomato sauce makes one have crazy dreams? I've totally had that happen before too.