Tuesday, October 13, 2009


There are times when I feel a bit lonely and my house seems too quiet and I wish for someone to be here with me. This is not one of those times. Lately I've been enjoying the solitude of my life so much. My apartment is small - the smallest space I've lived in for a long time - but perfectly cozy. I am surrounded my stacks of books and warm blankets. I like a clean house (that's called an understatement) and my house is frequently clean and easy to keep that way. I love my balcony - I recently planted a yellow mum out there and it brightens the whole area. I keep the guest room ready for friends or family; it's nice to have a place for visitors. In the mornings I get up and make eggs and toast and curl up with the kitty on the couch. I have a great view of the sunset each night. I like coming home after a day away, and it feels peaceful to step inside. Most days I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for what I have here. It's a perfect space for me.


  1. I often feel the exact same way about my space. Especially after my divorce, I love knowing everything is exactly the way I leave it, and it's all mine, mine, mine. I literally feel the stress fall away from me as I come in the door.

  2. Oh, what a nest. I envy you. Wait a minute, what am I saying? That's exactly what I have, only scruffier.

  3. I love quiet. I love alone. But, then again, there are times when I love people and noise and bus-i-ness. I guess much of life we love what we don't have. And then when we have it, we don't want it. Man, we're complicated.

  4. Sounds dreamy.

    I have always loved this quote:
    Alone is a state of being.
    Lonely is a state of mind.

    You are in a good state either way :)

  5. I love that feeling of coming home. I'm glad you have that kind of sanctuary.

    Can I come over for tea?

  6. Very nice... you've inspired me to get off my butt and get my cleaning done.

  7. Can I have your life? Just for a few days? I feel like a horrible parent to say that, but OMG, just ALONE!! I need a little bit!!! Enjoy it, it sounds like a wonderful chapter of your life!