Friday, October 9, 2009

With A Bullet

  • Tough week, ladies and germs. I am STILL SICK and feeling pretty rough. I'm not usually a headache girl, but I've had a pounding headache in one eye for over a week. I'm coughing and hacking every five seconds and am getting kind of disgruntled about the whole thing. I've been down for about ten days now and finished my antibiotics early this week. What gives? We're having beautiful weather in Portland and I don't want to miss the sunshine. Boo. Wah.
  • It's a few days shy of one month since the 5k with my bro, and I haven't laced up my tennies (sneakers for you east coast folks) even once! I can't believe it. What gives?
  • Until this morning. I finally laced up my tennies and did 3 miles at the school track - mostly walking and hacking and spitting, just a little running. Question: what am I supposed to run in as it gets colder? A wind breaker? I warm up and get hot very fast, but it's too chilly for a t-shirt anymore. What do I wear in January? Still just a wind breaker? I'm new to all this.
  • I did get a big boost yesterday when my prize came in the mail from Patagonia. Dudes, the kind folks at Patagonia (hi Kasey!) sent me the very cool book (signed!) which I started last night before bed and which gave me good surfing dreams, and also threw in two rad stickers and a surf video! Score! Honestly, I've been bellyaching all week, and it was really fun and inspiring to get the package. I'm on chapter three of Amy Waeschle's Chasing Waves and it already has me dreaming of big waves. (Or at least riding with two feet on the board.) I noticed last night as I lay in bed reading that I was smiling the whole time.


  1. Feel better, lady. That's one hell of a sickness that has a hold on you!

  2. i like running in a long sleeved performance t with a short sleeved performance t underneath that (no cotton in the winter) and a stocking cap. i can usually run in shorts until it's only about 25º outside. then i switch to running tights. when it gets really cold i wear a neck gator to put over my mouth (cold air isn't good for the lungs) and a runner's jacket.

    hope you feel better soon. maybe you have the ol' h1n1.