Friday, November 20, 2009

Portland, I Love You

This morning I went on a Best of Portland tour with Portland Walking Tours and had a fantastic time! I can't speak highly enough about it; as a 13-year resident (back after a long break), I learned a ton about the best city on earth.

Did you know that Portland was the first major city in the US to remove a freeway to make room for green space?

Did you know that Portland businesses are required to put 2% of their budgets towards public art?

Did you know that the downtown Hilton is the greenest Hilton in the world, and it actually composts leftover food that can't be donated?

I know that you knew that Portland is the most bike-friendly city in America, but did you also know there are actual designated skateboard routes downtown?

Did you know that Portland was named because of a penny toss, and if the other guy had won, we would have been named Boston?

Did you know Oregon law protects nudity as free speech? That's so Portland!

Did you know that Chapman Park used to be for women only and still only has female ginkgo trees and a women's public restroom?

Did you know that Portland has more breweries than any other city in the world? Yeah, you knew that.

I learned all of that and so much more. Additional interesting facts and interesting green facts here. I love my city. I was bursting with pride and gratitude the whole morning. I still am.


  1. Some of my coolest friends are from Portland or live there now. And I've NEVER BEEN! Must remedy that someday.

  2. Are these your photos? They're very good. If they are yours, I will have to kill you. No offense ...

  3. Very cool!! I must visit and see more of Portland. Your post makes Seattle seem boring and bitter. Or is that me?


  4. Isn't that live there and you still go on the tour! I love that!
    We did a six-hour walking tour of Prague years ago. I'm amazed how much more you learn by walking.

  5. LOVE the photos, did you do them? Also, very cool about the tour, I'll have to do that sometime.

  6. fucking dirty hippies.

    just kidding. i really, really need to visit portland. it's long been on my list and it's about time for me to cross it off.

    whoever is responsible for the photos needs some accolades.

  7. Thanks, guys. Very nice comments about the pics. I did take them with my little point and shoot, but the iPhone app "Shake It" that puts the borders on does wonders. :)

    Bigezbear - that's the nicest death threat I've ever received.

  8. I think I knew some of that. As Portland's blog ambassador (I have no idea how I got this job) I feel like I've given city tours a half dozen times this past year.

    We should get together and compare notes.

  9. Really? It was all parking lots and Disney-esque downtowns to me.

  10. So the guy who lost the coin toss, did he go out east? Heh.

    I will have to take this tour someday. I already knew Portland was awesome but now it's even awesomer!

  11. It is a truly original & zany city. My business is on the Portland Walking Tour's Culinary tour. I know thse folks well. I give a pretty cool tour of Portland to out-of-towners.