Monday, December 28, 2009

Day of Fun

I had another nice Portland day today. I woke up, spent about 3 hours on the depressing job hunt, and knew I needed to get myself out of the house to not slide into a funk. Or maybe to get out of the funk I'd already slid into. I Yelped around a bit to get inspiration on what to do today and decided to go to a few stationery stores. (I love yummy paper and am the only person on earth who still regularly writes letters. On paper. And then I put a stamp on them. And they go through the mail.)

I started at Oblation, which is such a great store. A little spendy, but I was mostly window shopping and just looking for inspiration from their silky ribbons and yummy blank books. I ended up getting a tiny little gift tag in the shape of Oregon for $2. Super cute.

After that I went to Ecru, which I'd never been to before. Such a cool little store - lots of great Portland-themed stuff and beautiful papers. The person at the counter was friendly and the music was soothing and perfect; it was a relaxing shopping experience. You might want to visit fast - I was the only one in the store for about a half-hour, so I'm not sure how long they'll be there.

After that I decided to grab a ham and cheese baguette at Lovejoy Bakers, which Gowalla helped me discover. It's such a beautiful little deli, and my sandwich and Russian tea cookie were awesome. It might be a little too fancy for my tastes, but the food was great.

Finally, I visited the World Forestry Center (free admission in December because I'm a member of the Chinese Garden!) for the first time ever. Such a cool place. It's so perfect for children (of what age, I have no idea) because the exhibits are very interactive and they have some seriously advanced technology to learn about different aspects of forestry. It's laid out beautifully and I was very impressed. During my visit I learned a little about the laws requiring reforestation in WA and OR whenever trees are cut down, about all the different animals that live in the 4 different types of forests, and I saw a piece of petrified oak that was 25 million years old. ! In the gift shop I picked up a map of Forest Park, which I think I've been in once in 13 years of living in Portland, so hopefully a post about exploring one of the trails there will be coming soon.

Thanks for another great day, Portland. Can we play again tomorrow?


  1. Would it make you happy to know that I've never even heard of any of the shops you went to? Except for the World Forestry Center. Clearly, I need to get out more.

  2. I really need to do one of these kinds of days in Seattle.