Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Giveaway - Everyone Wins

I was starting my Christmas cards (I love doing Christmas cards) and wishing I could send all of my blog buddies a card. Somehow that thought morphed into wishing I could send a little gift to everyone, and that morphed into thinking about all the rad music I've been listening to lately on my drives to the coast. I decided that I could easily do up some mixed CDs and offer them to anyone who would like one as a small thank you for reading me and supporting me all year long (or even just stopping by occasionally.) I'm no music guru, but I'm an expert on what I like. I'd be happy to send anyone a mixed CD and maybe you'll find something on there that you like, too. If nothing else, I hear my handwriting is awesome.

If you'd like a mixed CD, just e-mail me at and include your mailing address. I listen to mostly singer-songwriter/alt rock stuff, but if that's not your thing, I have a great 80's mix I could send. I promise to not stick J-pop or Backstreet Boys in there, and I'll get your CD out to you asap as soon as the waves die down.

Happy Holidays!

Update: I received a question about overseas readers, and I should have specified this in the post - yes! Anyone in any location is eligible. I'd love to spread a little cheer to the furthest reaches.


  1. I think that's a great idea. Sharing music is one of the best gifts ever!

  2. I'm glad you enjoy doing the cards -- because the spark and spirit went away several years ago in me. I told hubby yesterday that if he didn't get them picked out YESTERDAY and take care of it, that it just wasn't going to get done. In spite of that, MERRY CHRISTMAS to one of my favorites.

  3. Your handwriting IS awesome. :) And this is a great idea! I haven't found (or actively searched for) any "new" music in so long. I'd be honored to receive one (you have my mailing address, I believe?)

    Oh, and your handwriting is totally a reflection of you.

  4. What a great Christmas idea. I've been looking for some new music to run to or just sit back and listen to.

    I'll shoot you an email.

    Thank you for allowing us into your life. It's been a great experience and I enjoy popping by and seeing whats going on:)

  5. Yet another reason why you are the BOMB.

  6. Interesting. I used to think that the only way I could honestly express who I was (am) would be thru other people's lyrics/music. Well, actually, I still think that's true, except there's also other ways, now. But music is still (for me) such a great expression. So anyway, yeah, I love the idea. Also, I had no idea that it got so cold out there. When I think "west coast", I think of warm and sunny.

  7. I NEVER in a million years would have recognized the first cut as Pearl Jam. I don't think they play this music here in ra cha cha. Anyway, thanks so much for the CD. I'm loving on Tyrone Wells, so far. Haven't heard the entire CD yet.