Sunday, September 4, 2011

Band of Brothers

I bet it's something about getting older, but I have been really getting into history in the last year or so. And perhaps you'll understand how little I know about it by the use of the phrase "really getting into history". I had a big credit at Amazon, so I purchased a ton of books and some DVDs, and I just finished the DVD series Band of Brothers. Now, the Google tells me this originally aired in autumn 2001, so that means I'm exactly ten years behind. That sounds about right.

I have loved this series. Loved it. I'm just starting the special extra whatevers that come with DVDs, and I bawled through the interview portion tonight. It's so fantastic. I think there must be something about brain development that allows for me to understand the context of events when I never was able to before. I don't know; I couldn't be bothered with trying to figure it out until now. Maybe the magic ingredient is just aging.

I have a hard time finding two hours in a month for television, so this has been an unexpected indulgence. I ordered The Pacific and a few Stephen Ambrose books to get started on next. 

If you've been living under a rock for the past ten years as I have, quick trailer here. (And now to lose any credibility I may have had: Ladies, Berger from Sex & the City is in it!)


  1. I'm glad you bawled: I was in pieces over the last episode as I allowed myself to relax and grieve. It really felt like I'd been through Hell watching this thing. I immediately bought it on DVD but have been putting off my return for fear of PTSD.

    As for Berger, I had seen this series first so I found his behaviour towards Carrie doubly disappointing. Credibility Schmedibility.

  2. I'm a huge fan of the series and have watched it a couple of times now. Something you might find interesting... there's a guy interviewing the cast to find out what they're up to now and what their experience was like filming the series. Pretty good stuff if you want to check it out.

  3. Mr. D is really into that stuff too. If you ever want tips on what to see/read. He's your guy!

  4. Speaking from underneath the rock, I am not able to comment any further.....

  5. How embarrassing: your post should have inspired me to revisit "Band of Brothers". Instead I have just sat through the first 6 episodes of "Sex and the City".


  6. A shiver just went through my spine thinking about the few episodes that focus on the winter battles they fought. Burrrrrrrrr!


  7. Matt - Bastogne! The Battle of the Bulge. It makes me freezing just to watch it.

    Thanks for your comments, y'all. And I'm happy that this led you back to S&TC, Greg :)

  8. Also: "Ladies"? Who am I, miss Gender Stereotype?

    And: Thanks for the cool link, Dave! Imma check it out!