Friday, December 3, 2004

A Non-Violent Post

This week at work has been hard. I wanted to write about my job when I got home yesterday, but I didn't think I could do it without triggering those secret government people who comb the Internet for users who are likely to blow things up or who advocate a new political party based on anarchy. I take my job too seriously but I don't know to stop it.

Something good did happen yesterday. I got a call from a student asking for help with his homework. The nice thing is that he was a student of mine from previous classes; he isn't in my current class. He's taking Accounting I (I don't teach accounting) (anyone who was in my MBA program really understands why) and got stuck and wasn't getting the help he needed from his current teacher. He came into my office and we struggled together for a couple of hours. I wasn't able to help him complete his assignment, but we made a lot of progress. I was so glad that he called me. I generally make good connections with my students.

I've only been teaching (at a local American college) for three terms so far, but I really enjoy it. It keeps my schedule extremely full, but it's been worth it. My first class was a traditional night class, and my other classes have been online. The online classes are much less work, but I enjoy the students more in person and I feel like I do a much better job in that setting. Just the little bit of teaching that I've done has really opened my eyes to what a challenge it is to do that job well.

It's fun to see students that I had in previous classes. It's cute -- they tell me about their grades from current classes they're taking, or bring up assignments that I gave months ago and act like they're still in pain from them. Sometimes I'll be standing in line at the post office (now that would be a violent post, if I wrote about my post office experiences here) and I'll hear someone say "You guys, that's my professor."

That's it for tonight. I need to review my non-violent conflict resolution skills before tomorrow.

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