Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Moreover, You're Bugging the Crap Out of Me

Here's a note that I received from a 9-year-old on Friday before I moved: "To K1mber1ey. It is very sad to hear the move today. Moreover, please come to Hachigamine to play. Thank you up to now." Another one says, "Dear friend. Thank you for fully playing. Good luck!"

I have four more letters, but they're in Hiragana, so I have to get them translated. One says, "My family love K1mber1y" at the bottom of the page. Moreover, I think we're all on the same page about my friends using electronic dictionaries to write in English, which is where they get words like moreover.

Tonight my new neighbors came over and pushed their way into my house and talked non-stop for 40 minutes right through Oprah. My TV was finally hooked up (it had been out for a month or so at the old place before I moved) five minutes before my neighbors came over, and I really needed Oprah today. Can I please just have Oprah, people? I don't get Queer Eye, I don't get veggie burgers. I don't get stores with clothes above size 6, I don't get light sockets with two prongs. I don't get Papa Hayden or Ben and Jerry's. I don't get Flying Pie Pizza, Aveda, Birkenstocks, regional theater, and I don't get concerts at the Schnitz. Can I please. Just FREAKIN. Have Oprah?

Anyway, the mom wanted me to know that her oldest son likes American music, that her youngest son doesn't like to study, and by the way, can we all go camping and swimming together in the summer? What Japanese food do I like? Do I understand the gomi (garbage) calendar? Do I have any questions? What hours do I work? Am I busy? What do I do on holidays? Do I live alone? Isn't my house too big? Where does my family live? Do I speak Japanese? What days do I have Japanese classes? Will I write down my schedule for her? What do I do on Saturdays? When will I be less busy? Do I like sushi? What about chicken? What about curry? What about donuts? What about vegetables? What about...

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