Sunday, March 13, 2005

Diplomacy Is For Wimps

I'm writing hate mail to G@teway asking for my $1,000 back. I'll let you know where it gets me. I'm sending it registered mail to the President and CEO, with cc's to Dell executives, the Consumer Reports EVP and the VP of PC World Magazine. All I want is my money back and to never, ever, ever have to call 1-800-we-don't-give-a-crap-about-you again. I had a great English prof in undergrad who got her house repainted by writing a letter, and it inspired me to learn about the power of words. Here in Japan I have a friend who got a new car by writing a letter. So I'm doing my best to not sound crazy and I'm hoping to get this wrapped up soon. I'm not above getting nasty, but I'm hoping they will respond and give me a refund just to SHUT ME UP. My little brother thinks G@teway has caller ID and whenever I call, they fight over who has to answer. I just want my money back!!!

I'll keep you posted!

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