Sunday, March 13, 2005


You Me T0wn is a popular shopping center where I live. Most smaller towns have a You Me T0wn. Like all Japanese depato (department stores), there is a grocery store and several restaurants on the first floor, and then there are clothes and toys on the second floor. This You Me T0wn also has a ¥100 Store on the second floor, which is a big bonus. The ¥100 Store is like a Dollar Store in the US, except that ¥100 Stores don't have crap in them. They have good stuff, and it's all one hundred yen. Americans are all over that.

This You Me T0wn also has the crepe deli that I like. Like most restaurants, there are plastic replicas of the food in a glass case beside the counter. It makes it easy to point when you order. I never point to the tuna and lettuce crepe, the potato salad crepe, the bean curd and custard crepe, or the salmon and mayo crepe (pardon me while my gag reflex trips). I always point to the strawberries and ice cream crepe, which they advertise as "strobelly".

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