Friday, April 1, 2005

Dirty Laundry

I'm still TDY and have actually extended my stay a few days. I've been working all the time, but am hoping to get out and enjoy the area a bit today. One of my favorite stores, Takashimaya, is here, and I can't wait to do a little shopping. Takashimaya is a great Japanese store that has everything. It's expensive as can be, but there are bargains to be found. This city also has some great Italian restaurants (I don't like Japanese food -- it's such a waste, isn't it?) and a beautiful park. I am right on the ocean, so pretty much no matter where I go, I have a great view. Plus, there's a tiny, winding road going up a small mountain right in the middle of town, and (even though I'm pretty sure I'm going to die every time I drive up or down it) I love to go up and enjoy the view. Also, there is a great store here called Happy Life -- it's just a small everything store, but I love the name and there is a pet store attached to it, and I love to visit all the babies there. This is a great place to visit, and I really do enjoy my TDY's here.

I'm planning on stopping in Fukuoka on the way back home -- I LOVE Fukuoka (I think we've gone over this before, but Foo-koo-oh-kah, or "fook"); it's the only semi-big city around me ("around me" meaning three hours away) and I love the excitement/diversity/shopping!

Anyway, I'm a bit of a traveler and obsess over packing light every time I prepare for a trip. It doesn't take too many times lugging a huge suitcase (or TWO) around Venice to learn that you want the smallest amount possible packed in a carry-on size bag, no matter how long you're leaving for. I've been traveling regularly for about ten years now and I've got it down to a very small roly-suitcase even for my 2 or 3 week trips back to the States. So when I left home for my southern banking center last week I had to plan for 4 days. I brought one work skirt, two work shirts and a pair of heels. That's it. I wore a comfy non-work outfit in the car on the way here, and figured I could wash it in the BOH laundry facilities and wear the same thing back. On days that I don't work until 1:00 AM (like last night), I figured I could just wear my work clothes out to dinner with friends after work. So last night I find myself doing laundry at 2:00 AM, realizing that I haven't had a chance to wash my clothes and that I've extended my stay by two days. Hmmm. Add to that I get up this morning, throw on my work clothes again to run down the hall and get my casual clothes out of the dryer, and some dork has taken my clothes out of the dryer while still wet. Fun, fun. Ok, then I notice that all the dryers are full, so I have nothing to wear and nothing to do about it. (My work clothes are almost a suit, so I'm not going to be going out shopping on a Saturday in them.) All of that is to say that I smuggled my wet clothes into another BOH building (through the downstairs, back door) and into their laundry room, and that is where I sit right now -- a fugitive in my own country. Or on my own base. Or something. Note to self: splurge and pack one extra set of clothes next time.

God. Sorry to post about my laundry. Next time will be something Japanese-y, I promise.

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