Sunday, April 3, 2005

Utterly, Me Too

I got a sweet e-mail from a friend today. I met him when I moved to my new house -- he installed my cable. When he finished, he asked me if we could spend some time together so he could practice his English. (Believe it or not, that was a request I got three times that day. That happens a lot. It's very endearing how anxious the Japanese are to speak and learn more English.) He and I are having a hard time finding time to get together, so we're just e-mailing for now. I asked him about his job and this was part of his response: "Now my job is office work. All day long I stare at display of computer. Utterly I've got been exhausted."

Last time he wrote me he started by saying, "I've been waiting for your e-mail. I'm looking for to see and do conversation with you." He often expresses gratitude that I spend time e-mailing back and forth with him, and once he said, "Thank you. I'm appreciated." :)

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