Friday, May 13, 2005

Eating For Two

I don't think we've covered this: there's a predictable routine whenever I go to Baskin Robins and order ice cream. If I order one scoop, I get a perfectly round ice cream serving about the size of a golf ball with a tiny spoon in the cup. Besides the fact that I go away still hungry, everything is normal. If I order two scoops, I get two spoons. If I order a pint to go, I get anywhere from four to six spoons in the bag. All of this happens even though I'm completely alone in the BR and there are no other Americans anywhere around me. Are you following me? Food portions in Japan are quite tiny, which is a good thing in general, but sometimes I want to give back all the spoons but one and yell, "Nope, it's ALL FOR ME!"

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