Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Harowin!

I love Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays. Today at the office we were all doctors and nurses, and it seemed to put everyone in a good mood all day. I should confess that I look pretty good in scrubs.

I was too selfish to bring the little kiddie-poos on base for trick-or-treating (it sounds like a pain in the butt), but I did take Halloween bags stuffed full of candy and goodies to Honoka and Yuki's house. They answered the door and their eyes immediately darted to my hands to see what I was holding. (I frequently visit bearing gifts.) We exchanged a few words (Kombanwa! Good evening!) and I sang out, "Happy Halloween!" They giggled and looked at each other and then whispered, "Happy Harowin" to me. I held out their treats and they each took a bag. By this time their eyes had gotten huge with excitement. I thought they might burst, but they were so quiet. (I love this about Japanese kids.) They politely bowed like little angels and said thank you (Arrigato Gozaimasu), and I said, "I'll see you later!" (Ja mata ne!). I started to walk back to my car, and the minute their front door was closed I heard them screetch and scream and howl with happiness! I can't believe I was almost too tired from work to head over there tonight.

I got this little pumpkin from (I almost just said "Safeway". Hardly.) the commissary a few days ago and put it on this small stone wall that I have surrounding my house. Three times I've been working on the couch or washing dishes in the kitchen and I've glanced outside to find a crowd circled around it in deep discussion. I can't imagine what is being said. The amazing thing is that it didn't get smashed to a million bits like it would have the first night I left it outside if I lived in the States. Each morning when I get ready to leave for work I wonder if it will be there. It still is :)

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