Saturday, December 31, 2005


Thanks to Sleeping Mommy for this picture -- it's the American post-Christmas one family garbage dump. I've only been gone from the US for three years, but this scene gives me hives.

In Japan we have to sort our trash into several different groups depending on where you live (13 for my area). After that you choose one of two designated types of bags and close it with one of two approved types of twine. Then you look at your color-coordinated calendar to see when you can leave it at the community gomi pile to be taken away. Keeping with the "motivation via shame" theme that I see often in Japan, before you leave it on the pile, you write your last name on the bag so the Gomi Man can return it to you if it is done incorrectly. I resisted this for a while, risking fines by sneaking my garbage on base, but I have to admit that once you start sorting your crap into thirteen piles, it's hard to go back. But the process does affect other choices. Should I have soup for dinner? Nope, I don't have a metals bag started yet. What about ramen? But I just took out my combustibles yesterday

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