Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Good Smell Did

On Christmas I took bags of treats around to all of my tiny Japanese friends. They were so cute. I would ring the door bell, and someone would peek out of the window and see me. Then I would hear them holler, "K1mbeary-san!" and the whole family would suddenly appear at the door. As soon as the little ones saw that I was bearing gifts, they could hardly control themselves, squirming around with eyes glued to what I was holding in my hands.

Yesterday one family brought over balloons and a thank you note. The note said: To K1mber1ey. Thank you for the present. A very lovely, beautiful, good smell did. Everyone is pleased. After K1mber1ey has moved, the dog was kept in my house. It is called Pekoe by the Jack Russell Terrier kind. It is a lovely dog in the pink of health. Please come near when it comes to the Hachigamine. From Mai.

Isn't it great that I know exactly what all that means? It makes perfect sense to me.

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