Monday, December 5, 2005

Is This Really Necessary?

In the BX (base exchange, like Target or something) we get both American and Japanese items in for sale. (It's mostly American stuff, but we have a large Sanrio department -- that's "Hello Kitty" to you and me.) I was shopping this weekend for four little kiddy poos that I "adopted" for a Christmas exchange, and I found this. One look at this Elmo toy and I knew where it originated. What's next? Andrew Dice Clay Elmo? I wasn't even curious enough to squeeze his tummy or do whatever I needed to do to hear Elmo shout. I'm not a mom, but if you have a child who is occasionally prone to yelling, as children occasionally tend to be, is this what you want him carrying around? What about Shut Up Elmo or Mouse Game Elmo? I could go for those. Children's Tylenol Elmo? Maybe Zanax Elmo or Diazepam Elmo? Sign me up.

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