Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear . . .

I turned down a promotion this week and have been walking on air ever since. I've been in an agonizing year-long negotiation process with my division about the next position and finally last week achieved what I thought I wanted: an offer for the next step up. Fortunately, before I took that step, I realized that I'm too damn good for those scumbags. (Thank you, sister, and many others.) I turned the position down about thirty-six hours ago. They've been the most happy, peaceful, hopeful thirty-six hours I've had in a year.

I have a long road ahead and a lot of changes coming my way. I'm starting to look hard for a job in the States, and I'll really be starting from scratch. I sold my house and car for these clowns, so I have no place that I'm tied to or expected to return. It's a little overwhelming, but I'm just thinking through cities or states that I would enjoying living in, and going from there. I have solid experience in a few different fields, and a few contacts, and I'm just going to look for something I would enjoy. It's kind of an adventure.

I believe the technical term is "foot loose and fancy free". Emphasis on the "free" part.

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