Thursday, January 5, 2006

No Star What?

I'm off for a quick weekend trip to Tokyo, leaving early to try to beat the snow to the airport. I'll be back next week, but in the mean time, check out No Star Travels for some great travel writing and a darn good Britney Spears quote. I've been reading his old blog, No Star Where, for most of the year and am glad to finally understand the name. Check out this for his initial description about the purpose of the blog -- what a great post. And then take some time to be jealous that it's his life and not yours.

(Note -- I think No Star Where is where I heard about Donors Choose. I made three or four contributions to school projects through the site, and then had my company match them. Together we bought special sticky notes, colorful pencils, grief books for school counselors and earphones for kids learning how to read. For one donation I received a thank you packet with letters from the students, and pictures of them wearing their new headphones, which felt great. Read a bit about it here, and if you have $5 you don't need, consider paying it forward.)

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