Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What's Up? (In a 4 Non Blondes Kind of Way)

In an amazing stroke of good luck that will forever stand as a testament to Japanese efficiency . . . I got my clothes dryer back yesterday. I love it. It's fantastic. The problem was apparently three years of using American dryer sheets. My housing liaison said that Japanese people don't use those sheets (no Bounce Free? Inconceivable!), and the dryer just couldn't continue working with tiny (microscopic?) pieces of the sheets stuck everywhere. I don't really care what it was, I'm just happpppppy to have it back. Let the laundry-fest resume.

On Monday the kids came to my door, pounded on it, and yelled, "ASOBIMASHO!" (maybe "Let's play together!") at the top of their lungs when I opened it. I was tired, so I just sat out on my porch in the sun and asked the two little boys to teach me Japanese. We ended up giggling a lot as they gave me words for everything from ears to potatoes and waited for me to write each one down. They were cute and very wild. Tomorrow I need to pick up a soccer ball and a baseball and glove from the PX so when we all play I can get some of that energy out of them!

The next day one little cutie came to play. He pounded on my front door, but I was on the phone with my boss having an intense conversation. When I didn't answer the door within one second of his first knock, he started ringing the doorbell maybe 25 times . . . a minute. OH MY GOD, I wanted to freak. The bell was echoing throughout my empty entrance area and entire house and my boss was asking, "What's going on?" I wanted to freak out on that child. He didn't come by today, so I think I'm being punished. It's probably best for both of us.

I feel so uninspired at work lately. I think for the first time ever I'm having a hard time hiding my severe lack of enthusiasm from my teams. I take myself SO seriously as a manager (ok, and maybe most of the time), I'm not sure how to chill about it. When the best you have isn't good enough, then what?

No reason for the picture today. Other than, you know, yum.

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