Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Fifteen Minutes (Seconds?)

I had a really fun and unique experience last week as I was leaving Japan. Anna Bahney, a writer for the Fashion & Style section of The New York Times, contacted me and asked if she could interview me for an article about travel. After five or six e-mails trying to verify her identity (ok, LSL is a bit of a skeptic) I spoke with her last Friday before catching my train to the Osaka Airport, and found her to be very kind and interested. It was a fun experience.

The story runs in today's NYT, and it's called, "A Life Between Jobs." I picked it up in the airport in Chicago this morning as I was making a connection between Hawaii and New York. It's a fun article, and maybe the best part is that I'm lumped in with the 20-somethings described as, "Young people in the workplace . . ." She has a great comment about Gen X and Y'ers and changing employment trends: "Generations before them, studies have shown, valued tenure and career advancement. But this group sees the chutes in the world as interesting as the ladders."

Take a look and help me enjoy the ride!

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