Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Regrets, I've Had a Few

I'm off on a roadtrip today. I'm headed to Crapchester for my second tattoo removal appointment. If it's anything like my first, and I suspect that it will be, I might as well throw myself in front of a bus right now. Luckily I have a great doctor who likes to poke gentle fun at me as he uses the laser to grind up my skin. Last time he could be heard saying, "Seemed like a good idea at the time!" in between my screams. (Yeah, you heard me. Screams.) I love tats, and only have one, but it's been fifteen years and it's time for a change. When I explained to my doc that I got it in college with friends, he said, "Oh, a sorority tattoo." (It's not.) And then he mocked in a high-pitched voice set to imitate a girl, "Come on, girls, let's do something crazy!"

I don't care what you see on Miami Ink, the truth is that getting a tattoo hurts. Mine is around my ankle and I agree with whoever said that getting it there feels like having your foot amputated with a dull kitchen knife. Getting a tattoo removed hurts more. It makes getting the tattoo feel like a yummy massage. I had a problem with it healing wrong after my first appointment in early December and all of the pictures of setting up the Christmas tree have me in the background with my leg elevated on the couch. Good times!

Update: I should mention that the experience this time has been a total breeze! The laser procedure itself did hurt again (note - use ice instead of the lidocaine cream to numb the tat site beforehand) but there hasn’t even been mild discomfort since I left the appointment. I’m already planning my next tattoo! Psych!


  1. Sorry, but you were crackin me up with this one... From the title on... I sure hope you somehow medicated yourself this time and that it (and your healing) went (goes) better than the first "treatment". Let me know. :)

    I think we should go get new & improved tats next time we meet up at the Piano Bar in Vegas! ;)

  2. in order to distract myself, i usually visualize having sex with the artist. this is easier if the artist is hot. if not, then PAIN...

    it works for dentists too.

  3. Why didn't I think of that? :)

  4. Ok, is that a flip-flop? Because I've totally done that. And, yes, I'm the one he's talking about.

  5. Ms T er I mean Ms LSL,

    Yea! So glad I found you!

    Hm, learning new things all the time. I'm tall too, but never had a tattoo.

    Are you really getting another one?

    Maybe I should read the rest the comments and find out....

  6. ouch! one of the few things i've never done, getting a tattoo.

    i have a vision of a bunch of old folks covered in droopy multi-colored skin. they're sitting around a nursing home nodding at one another, saying "yeah, i was a dumbass in the '90s too."

    just kidding. to each his/her own. my pumpkin just covered his crying rose with a bigass parrot, and it's lovely. but ouch!!

    and crap, NO NAMES!! the stepdaughter has the ex-husband's name rising out of the back of her pants for all eternity. no one listens.

  7. Before and after pictures please!

    Orange Hat

  8. BAB - I couldn't agree more - NO NAMES!!!

  9. Gads...I was thinking of my first tattoo until this post. But of course the thought of removal has been thrown into the mix. Thanks for your warning. Happy healing babe.

  10. Matt - maybe an "after"?

    kb - it's a tough decision, isn't it? I think tats are great, but this one definitely needed removal. This treatment has really been easy and it's already only three weeks until my third treatment. (Each one is $200, but it depends on the size/colors of the tat.) They've estimated that mine will take 5 or 6 treatments, so I'm half way there. Thanks for the well-wishes!