Saturday, January 20, 2007

This Week I . . .

. . . had my final dance lesson. Last summer in Hawaii I went to a great club and figured out within about three seconds that every person there was having more fun in life than I have ever had. (Except for those four years in Bible college - that was really fun.) It took me months to work up the courage to call for lessons, but I finally started ballroom and Latin lessons last month. (Won't exactly help me at Hula's, but the idea was to do something out of my comfort zone and build my confidence.) It was more fun that I even thought it would be and I plan to continue once I have regular income.

. . . realized after days of wearing multiple layers and shivering all the time that I've had the heat in my house set at a balmy 50*. I have been attempting to keep it set low to save cash, but I thought I was keeping it at 60*. When I finally got fed up and went to turn it higher, I noticed the current temperature in the house was 56*. This type of thing is classic LSL, by the way. Detailed to an absolute fault and then suddenly screwing up something basic.

. . . saw the You Park Like an Asshole link on Bren's blog and have been searching for assholes ever since. It kind of makes me happy. Bren has all the good links.

. . . decided to take a break from my (so far very effective) diet for just one meal. I got Chili's take out and ate every morsel of a Caribbean Chicken Salad and Southwestern Egg Rolls appetizer for dinner last night. Bliss. And then this morning I had two Krispy Kremes for breakfast. And then tonight I had instant Cheeseburger Helper and marshmallows for dinner. It's a slippery slope, isn't it? Help.

. . . visited Target every single day. I think I'm suffering from some kind of cross between hoarding disease and The Japan Syndrome. If I see something I might someday need, I have to buy it just in case I happen to be living out of the country when I need it. As I've been back in the US for seven months and have no plans of living overseas again anytime soon, I hope this dies down quickly.

. . . put "Hate Me" by Blue October and "All The Same" by Sick Puppies on repeat on iTunes until I was hearing them in my sleep. There's something about great music at the exact right time, isn't there?

. . . got matched with a weird 51 year-old on (the very homophobic but what am I supposed to do until the straights get something as non-meat-market-y as Lovetastic?) eHarmony. Granted, my work schedule while living in Japan was not kind to this 35 year-old, but I still don't look a day over 38. This should actually be an entire post unto itself . . . this first foray into Internet dating has been nothing short of chilling. I might need (more) therapy to get over it.

. . . saw a bumper sticker that said, "Spread joy-germs. They're contagious!" that immediately put me in a bad mood.

. . . fought with Sears over my new elliptical machine. Please just get the damn thing assembled so I can start working off the Southwestern Egg Rolls.

. . . put together a new bed frame and cursed the gods that I don't have someone muscular around to help with those kinds of things. I bruised my forehead trying to hold the @*#&$^% headboard in place while putting the screws in. There was lots of swearing and perhaps the tiniest bit of crying.

. . . had a terrible dream that GWB is planning on sending more troops to die in Iraq despite national bipartisan opposition and what seemed to be a clear message in the November election that the people he is supposed to be responsible to want a different course of action. Scary!

Here's hoping for better things next week!


  1. Ok sounds like your past few days have been like my past week ....must be in the stars .....or something ....just saying. Thanks for lurking ..or I should say coming out of lurkerdom to comment on my blog !!! I will be reading more of yours as time permits.Oh and I just noticed the link on your blog roll I shall do the same ..... Mucho thanks!!!

  2. LSL,
    For romance, have you tried:

    If it is active in your area, try:

    You should be reading:
    (these are the blogs I read on a periodic basis) Might be a little change of pace for you.

    I don't see you talking about networking events too much. I hate them too but I still go even now that I am employed.

    My best advice is to start a group of your own around a topic that you are curious about or that others are starting to be curious about.

    Let me know when you get down to ramen noodles and your paypal account address. I can donate a few bucks to keeping you alive.

    And for Heaven's sakes, watch out for hermitism and depression.

    Great Optimism,

  3. Hey Scottk! Thanks for the comment and for the link. I think you've had a much harder week than I have, but thank you for commiserating. It helps :)

    Choragus! Always really great to hear from you. It seems you've had a name change, too? Thank you for the site recommendations ( CRACKED me up), and advice. I always, sincerely appreciate your advice. I'm going to do a job-search update soon! Please don't be a stranger.

  4. Those eggrolls are really something...I love 'em. But I finish off my course there with onion rings...yes, it is a slippery slope. Marshmallows after dinner? Low fat, anyway.

  5. Oops, sorry, forgot to ask....four years in Bible college? We do need to talk. Which one?

  6. Hey Lewis! What Bible college? The evil one. Oh, that doesn't really clear it up, does it? It's in Portland . . . and it's a pretty good story, if I do say so myself. :)