Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Plural Possessives, I Love You

OMG, did my birthday come early, or are there now free Grammar Girl podcasts on iTunes?! I generally reserve this kind of excitement for when I re-watch Joe's vidcast, but I'm absolutely beside myself. I'm not very good with grammar or punctuation, but for some scary, Type-A reason, I love it. I love it like I love flossing! Quotation marks, split infinitives, acronyms - here I come. Now if I could only get my eHarmony matches to subscribe. I’m so tempted to post part of an e-mail I received from one guy, but I just can’t bring myself to do it because it feels mean. But the e-mail is horrid. The sentence structure would keep you awake at night. I could never, ever date him after getting that e-mail.

Speaking of Internet dating, I got an e-mail from one of the guys I brushed off. He said that he accepts my decision but still finds me “Extraordinarily interesting, attractive and compelling.” What am I supposed to say? The guy has excellent taste. He sounds smart, too. Just kidding. He’s just not my type, and I’m not his. I did get e-mailed yesterday with a few matches from Crapchester, so we’ll see how those work out. Both are 5’11” which means they pass the first test. It seems so far I’ve been matched with every man under 5'6" from Buffalo to Albany. I'm not being mean, I'm being honest. I'm tall and luscious, and I can't help it.

With the proposed troop increase and last night’s State of the Union address, I feel like I should end things on a serious note. I got another bad haircut. Those of you who were with me at my old site might remember the dark days of the Dorothy Hamill scare. Now it seems that I resemble actor Joey Lawrence at age 5. I’m going back next week to try to get it right. Also, a few months ago I went back to my natural brown hair for the first time since I was maybe 18. Next week it’s back to blond. I can’t definitively say that blondes have more fun, but I’d like to be poised for action should it prove true.

That’s all I got. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Extraordinarily interesting, attractive and compelling. well. yes, actually. thanks for noticing. the only conceivable response.

    i am a grammar fan too, though certainly not skilled in that regard. the terminology takes me back to the tortures of diagramming sentences in 8th grade ~ what an ordeal, and one i never mastered.

    love flossing, eh? carry on then.

  2. Funny how poor grammar and especially poor spelling can shatter the image of an otherwise hot photo on the web. Somewhere in Joemygod's archives he has a list of hilarious responses sent to him via that are riddled with examples of just this type of thing. Look for it if you get a chance.

  3. BAB - I'm not sure what my grammar fascination is, as I'm unskilled in that area as well. Maybe it's the aspect of order. Either way, diagramming sentences was a nightmare for me, too!

    Michael - thanks for the comment! It's kind of snobby, but I guess everyone has their thing. I'm going to try to find that list on JMG - I'm sure it's great for a laugh. Cheers!

  4. So, what's so wrong with Joey Lawrence? Pray for the fame and $$$. And you can always wear a hat. We're off on the cruise tonight....back online when we return!

  5. "I'm tall and luscious, and I can't help it." Love that! Also, how you ended things on a serious note. I mean, haircuts are extremely serious. I'll back you on that.

    ;) Sizzle

  6. i am totally averse to bad structure and wrong grammar, especially in hook-up/dating sites. (with effort, i can deal with misspellings. i give them the benefit of the doubt and simply blame it on a case of butterfingers.) i am always amused and assured when these stories are shared. nerdnation is alive and well. just kidding.

  7. Lewis - you're so positive, that is a great quality you have. Thank you! And can't wait to hear about the trip.

    Sizzle - I thought you would understand the gravity of the situation. Thanks for the support. :)

    Hey West - thanks for the comment, and thanks for totally getting it. You have a great site - you're a great writer.

  8. You have a 5'11" scratch test and you're grammar obsessed? And you're coming to Tequilacon? I can't wait to meet you!

  9. LOL.... So glad i found your blog again... you're cracking me up...
    I might even be inspired to write again!!!

  10. Dude... How is it possible that I've known you for like, 15 years now (scary!!), and never knew you weren't a natural blond???!!!

    Sorry to read about the bad haircut... those are the worst! :(

    You are *so* tall and luscious! Love that description, and it fits so perfectly! :)

    Sorry, what's Tequilacon? You asked me about going in your email, and I see mention of it in an earlier comment... Did I miss something about this in an earlier post or do I just need to keep reading upward... ;)