Friday, February 2, 2007

Chilled or Chill-ed?

This will be interesting to no one but me, but what are blogs if not self-indulgent?

I love Let Me Tell You All About It, Sweetie, and always visit Curtis to read his haiku on Haiku Fridays. They're always so clever. So this week I decide to finally participate, and I settle on coming up with a haiku to describe my pathetic dinner. So I get to work thinking about what to say and how to fit it into the 5-7-5 pattern.

However, it doesn't take very long before I'm totally perplexed. I just can't figure out how many syllabels are in each word, and I can't figure out why I can't figure it out. I learned this in maybe second grade, didn't I? So I Google it and ask something like, "How many syllabels are in the word chilled?" Crazy but true: Google brings me to a page called, "You know you've been in Japan too long when . . . " and one of the items on the list was "You have trouble figuring out how many syllables there really are in words."

Sniff. I miss Japan!

The Japanese language is based on syllables, but they're different syllables than in English. If I were translating into Japanese, chilled would have, I think, four syllabels (chi-ru-e-du). Having said all that, I hope this is a haiku:

Hot sweet potatoes
A chilled cosmopolitan
It's dinner for one


  1. The Cosmo looks great. Hot Sweet potatoes not to sure of. Love your little carpet mouse pad. oh and yeah you made a haiku !!!!woot!!! woot!!!

  2. Oh and please tell me you workspce is not always that clean and neat ......uh..please

  3. Hey Scottk - love your "woot, woot"! I'm glad I finally got my syllabels right.

    Uh ho . . . workspace is generally that clean. Clutter makes me itch. :) You're getting to know the real me now.

  4. Why did you have to mention Cosmos for dinner? Dang it! And it's Friday too.

    I'd love to visit Japan but I'm afraid I'd stick out like godzirra being as tall as I am.

    Who doesn't love the Curtis? Such a love monkey. :)

  5. I was so inspired, I decided compose my own...after you've done the heavy lifting.

    I am one for dinner
    A Cosmopolitan chilled
    Sweet potatoes, hot!

    Is that plagiarismf?

  6. Kb - you get soooo many extra points for saying "godzirra". And you would stick out, at almost 6' I did, but you get your picture taken a lot and it's kind of fun to be a rock star for a while. Cheers!

    Choragus - clever, very clever. But I would expect nothing less from you. :)

  7. I use to live in Japan as well..but now I don't too. :(

  8. Hey Iris, thanks for visiting. I love hearing from people who understand the Japan connection!

  9. i cannot do haiku. it forever eludes me. what is wrong with me?