Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dragging It Out

I can't believe what a nice time I've had this week in NYC. I ended up extending an additional night because I just couldn't get enough of it, and then my train home this morning got cancelled due to weather. I thought it would be a perfect excuse to extend another night, but my hotel (I highly recommend the WJ Hotel, by the way, and I'm a bit hard to please when it comes to hotels - it's affordable, super clean and comfy, and has a great staff) is full tonight, so now I'm scheduled on the afternoon departure from Penn Station. Amtrak isn't certain that train will go, and the phone rep explained that trains right now are getting only as far as Albany, and then the doors freeze. What? I decided to just head to the station and see what happens next.

I've enjoyed every minute here, and within about two hours of arriving I started scheming about how I could afford to move here permanently. This has been such a surprise, as I didn't think I would take to NYC like I have. Even more surprising, with my sanitation issues, is that I've eaten several Nathan's hot dogs. This city has changed me, I'm telling you.

I want to post a few pics and say more about the musicals I saw this week (I can't wait to tell you all about The Big Voice: God or Merman), and I also want to write about attending my first WYSIWYG. I had so much fun seeing Joe. My. God. read. What a rock star. More on everything once I get home, that is IF I survive Amtrak and can get out the doors.


  1. wow! what fun!! i suspect if i went back to NYC, i'd feel that strong urge to stay as well. hope you make it home safely. can't wait for pix.

    btw, after months of unbearable cold, it's 58 and sunny here :-) there is a god!

  2. it's not called "the city" for nuthin :)

  3. OK so I know this is too late but next time you go perhaps you should stow a mini blow torch in your luggage. That way on the off chance the doors might freeze two times in a row you would be able to blowtorch your way out. Thus saving yourself and maybe many others the ill fate of waiting for the next train. Just a thought. Glad you had a good time,more glad you are back home safe and sound, oh and that you loved the city. And yes Pics please !!!!!

  4. Hope you made it home okay! And I'm so jealous that you got to meet Joe.My.God.

  5. I'm so glad you loved our fair city so much--and with this weather, that's saying something! Can't wait to hear more details see some pics!

  6. I TOTALLY think you should move to NYC. You are a big city, international gal! Move out of the sticks ( : ) and get yourself to a real town!

    (She says from BFN.)