Sunday, February 11, 2007

One Day More

I know we're all cold, but I can't help feeling that I should get to complain about it because, you know all those reports you've been hearing about central New York lately? That's me. Or almost. I'm very close to all those idiots stuck in eight feet of snow. We don't have eight feet, but we do have more than I ever wanted to see in my entire life. I had to cancel my third tattoo removal appointment in Crapchester on Friday because I didn't think I could make it on the thruway. When does spring arrive in these parts?

I'm headed out tomorrow for the annual Valentine's Day vacation. I always get a little nervous before a trip, I don't know why. I'm spending the week in NYC and I admit to being intimidated by the City itself, so maybe that is part of it. Until last summer when I went to Hawaii, I guess I had never traveled in the US before. (And can you really call working on your tan for three weeks "traveling"?) Maybe these are just leftover jitters from overseas trips, when everything was going to be new and different. I'm a little stressed about what to pack - I abhor bringing too much luggage and generally travel very, verrrrry light, like one small bag no matter how long I'll be gone. I'm just not sure how to do that and still stay warm and not look like a complete ragamuffin. Here's a secret: it takes a lot of maintenance to appear low-maintenance.

Being single, and more than that, being generally sarcastic and kind of bitchy, I know I'm supposed to hate Valentine's Day, but I just don't. How can you hate a symbol for something so sweet and cuddly and yummy? It's like a 24-hour huge bear hug. Delish. Every year I see all kinds of couples on Valentine's Day and they all make me happy. The miserable couples who can't stand the sight of each other make me happy that I'm single. The blissed-out couples who are so obviously in love make me happy and give me something good to wish for. Plus, I always get flowers and chocolates, and they're always the exact kind that I like. Hmmm. :)

So this week I'm looking forward to being anonymous and just recharging my batteries in a way that only spending time alone can do for me. The agenda includes: multiple shows, including Les Miserables, which is probably the closest thing I have to a religion, art museums, thinking, journaling, soul-searching, pondering, walking, and meeting up with an old grad school buddy to contemplate life and drink beer. Or contemplate beer and drink in life. Whatever. I think it will be a good time.

In my absence, feel free to leave me lots of yummy Valentine's Day love notes. Be good, kids!


  1. Uhmmmm Im not cold ;) Actualy I am it got down ot like 64 degrees last night. I had to use three blankets. Funny what living in Paradise for 2 years can do to ya huh??

  2. i like that- "contemplate beer and drink in life"

  3. scottk thinks he's funny, doesn't he?
    we dont have your snow, but we hit our highest high in 14 days...a balmy 24! rumor has it we're supposed to bet another arctic blast. a week ago we were between 25-45 below zero. SWEEEEEEEET!
    have fun in NYC - are you going to see Mama Mia? B says it's a MUST in NYC. I missed it when i was there, but caught it in PDX (thanks dad!)
    be safe! - d

  4. Good luck in the's awesome there....we love it. And you can complain about the snow if you want.......we'll let you.

  5. Tattoo removal... Which one?
    I'm having the one on my ankle removed soon... probably in March.... Does it hurt?

  6. oh wow. in nyc?! let me know if you want to set up a mini-blogcon. just a thought 'cause i'd be up for it. (then that must explain the midweek snow. you dragged it all the way from upstate. :)

  7. Welcome to NYC. Don't be intimidated. We're nice--mostly, but like you, sometimes sarcastic and bitchy so you'll feel right at home.

    In answer to "When does Spring arrive in these parts?" Well, I remember being in school at Syracuse, heading to finals on April 25 and snow STILL coming down. But that was before this pesky global warming who knows!

  8. removal?! What is up, people? Do you have "Starland Vocal Band" or an ex-significant other's name tattooed on a visible part of you? No? Well, then rock what you got with pride! If any fools step to you, simply say, "Yeah, bitches, I got this when I was 21 and thought that an orange starfish on my ankle would be cool, and I STILL DO, so FUCK OFF!" Simple as that. (Slurring and brandishing a broken bottle helps drive home your point, too.)

    I guess that's all I have to say on the subject. Oh, and NYC is cool, anonymous blog comments are lame and 64 degrees is downright balmy, I tell you...

  9. Have a wonderful time in NYC. I'm sure you'll look better than 99% of the drones that make their home there. BTW I love your 100 list. esp 9, 25, 39, 43, 63 & 80.

    jane (cr's wife)

  10. i think this is the time to invest in a company making tattoo removal equipment.

    8' of snow. i would, truly, just die.

    happy valentine's day cupcake!! i am pea green with envy over your getting to spend a week alone in the city. what fun!!