Thursday, March 1, 2007

Therapy Thursday

You guys know how I feel about A.A. and Al-Anon. I loved this Craig Ferguson video, and the best part for me was a comment that someone left on YouTube that says, "Thanks for keeping me sober today, Craig." I also loved the very brief part where Craig describes the call to his friend: "I need help." Don't we all.

It's 12.5 minutes, but if you spent four hours watching the Oscars the other night, time clearly means nothing to you. Great, great vid. (Link found on Dooce.)


  1. i can't wait to watch this when i get home.

    your oscars quip is hilarious. :)

  2. Hmmm... a powerful video, even with the humor.

  3. i loved this video. now i love this man who i'd never heard of before this video. it's so easy to make fun, be catty, laugh at the expense of others. when i do that, though, i lose a little gloss from my own soul which is generally a good soul and not given to hurting others.

    when i became a teenage bad girl after being a good lutheran child for years and years, i started shoplifting, among other things. the first time i stole something, bells and whistles and alarms went off and i had a sick and panicky (sp?) feeling, light headed, felt terrible. the second time, same thing happened, just a little less intense. of course it went on and eventually nothing happened. i was dead inside and could do anything, anytime, to anyone without feeling any effects. i was numb to the effect, but i think it still harmed the little part of me that truly wanted to be a good person. took a long time for that light to come back on.

    anyway, yea craig!! and yea you for posting this :-)

  4. LSL -- just found your site. THANK YOU for your insights and humor. Lots of LOL moments and quiet musings. Especially loved this post and Craig's comment, "not a drinking problem -- I have a thinking problem."