Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Woman's Perspective

On the cutting edge of the entertainment industry, as usual, I just saw The Departed. Here are my thoughts:

1. That was the most macho, ballsy, alpha-male, mannish, manly, male movie I have ever seen.
2. OMG, the ending.
3. I'm afraid to go to sleep now.
4. Matt Damon = yum.
5. The Boston accent is kind of cute, and yet, I have no idea what anyone said during the entire movie.
6. Kind of an interesting version of "Comfortably Numb" in there, wasn't it?
7. Profanity generally doesn't bother me at all. The profanity in this movie got to me a little.
8. A smidge violent. I probably shouldn't ever see Goodfellas, should I?
9. How can we get my telephone number to Matt Damon?
10. I'm still afraid to go to sleep.


  1. "Daaah, MAAAT DAAAMON!!"

    Um, that's probably only funny if you've seen Team America: World Police.

    And even then, maybe not so much.

  2. I'd be afraid to go to sleep if Matt Damon had my phone number, too.

  3. The Departed is the Irish Man's Goodfellas... which yes, you cannot die without seeing. Get on that :)


  4. goodfellas is a great flick but it's equally as violent with maybe 90% the profanity.

    the fact that the departed is such an alpha male, macho movie is what i liked most about it.

  5. I really hated marky mark's hair cut ......I just could not get past it...he looked like a big ole dutch 'Mo of course the hair was dark so it would have had to have been a bad dye job. Anywhoooo besides that I loved the movie

  6. I didn't know any more after the movie than I knew before I saw it. I was totally lost. The only thing I knew for sure was what you've already identified: M.D. is f(*&&ing hot. Period.....and would you pass along my number when you're passing along your own.

  7. Haven't seen the movie yet, but I totally want too, especially after reading your post. Boston accents are hot.

  8. oooh, i'm all tingly now. gotta see this one. probably won't sleep either. big baby here. The Shining was the first scary movie i ever saw; moved out of my apartment for a couple of weeks. still scares me.