Saturday, March 3, 2007

Like June Cleaver

I'm currently bleaching the walls and ceiling in my bathroom. There is inadequate ventilation in there, so when I take a very hot shower the walls start to leak this brown gluey stuff. My landlords have attempted to fix it, but so far it's still a problem. As I was suiting up with my elbow-length latex gloves and pearls, I wondered, did I ever really live that expat life where I had cleaning ladies (mama-sans) come in each month to take care of my house? I should have left my blog archives up so I could be certain. I don't mind saying that things have gotten considerably less glamorous in the past nine months.

After a two-day break, I'm back on the job hunt and am putting together several cover letters this afternoon. It feels so cheesy. I detest sales, and that includes selling myself. I know I have to do it, and I am. But it feels a little slutty. I'm also applying for the NYCTF program, and looking into a local teaching certification program as well. I don't know what I want to do at this point, so I think it's best to go in a couple different directions and see what develops. Can't give up, right? And there's no reason to be pessimistic about it. It probably wouldn't work anyway. (Little joke there.)

I have a busy couple of weeks coming up, but more on that later. Now I have to go scrub the toilet. OCD makes that really fun. :)


  1. OI was just thinking about this the other dya myself . When I was with the X living in San JOse , Ca. We bought a 3 bed 3 bath townhouse. after living there for about 6 months I finally talked M into getting a maid because to clean the place took a whole day. She came every other thursday and it was great looking forward to her visits. She even folded the ends of our toilet paper nt triangles like they do in hotels !! God how I miss her . :(

  2. Dear Mrs. June Cleaver:
    I would suggest a we have in our basement. Works absolute wonders....even if its not actually in your bathroom......
    The Beaver will run to the store and get you one. Now, dear, take off the pearls and do have a cocktail.

  3. Now Lewis, PLEASE be realistic. Cocktail, yes. Take off the pearls - what, then, would one clutch???


    LSL, I am assuming you agree ...

  4. i scrubbed my toilet yesterday too! how fortuitous! i can totally relate to how such a chore can be fun. good luck with the hunt!

  5. i am so grateful for my housekeeper. i think i'd have lost my mind without her.

    pearls ~ heh :-) carry on, june.

  6. Good luck with the job search. I, too, hate looking for one mainly because I can't sell myself that well. If someone gave me a job, I'd do it... unless they wanted me to sell something. Haha.

    And thanks for stimulating a mental image of cleaning the toilet with OCD... I'm just picturing a "Mommie Dearest" type scenario.

  7. Oh my god is that why my old apartment had brown goo drippings on the walls in bathroom?! I would scrub that off thinking i had a poltergeist or something in there... good to know!

    Oh and my friend from College is in the Fellows program. She HATED it at first, stuck with it, and now she loves it.


  8. It's funny you wrote about this. My bestest man friend in Prague had a one room flat and had someone come in once a week to clean and a laundress to iron his shirts. Hell I don't have anything close to that. I am the laundress LOL