Sunday, April 1, 2007

Get It? Piss and Vinegar?

Just a few snippets from me today:
  • This morning I had macaroni and cheese and an ice cream sundae for breakfast. I was going to have a beer with it, but it was 9:30 in the morning and that didn't seem right.
  • I had a dream last week that Joe. My. God. was a waitress (you heard me) in the Laverne and Shirley skit seen here. I was a customer at the diner.
  • Last night I had dinner at my sister's house. While making a chicken marinade, my BIL spilled vinegar all over the counter/cabinets/floor. Later we were hanging out talking when her dog randomly squatted and peed on the kitchen floor. The rest of the night we made every possible "piss and vinegar" joke you can imagine, and laughed ourselves into a goddamn frenzy.
  • Tomorrow is my first day at work! I didn't think I was nervous, but I looked in the mirror a half-hour ago and I have a rash all over the left side of my face.
  • I am very naive and got suckered by at least four five (thanks, Brando) April Fool's Day jokes today. It happens to me every year. Google's joke rocked. Take advantage of my trust, people, that's cool.
  • I keep forgetting to tell you peeps that while visiting Central Washington a few weeks ago I had an emergency dentist appointment. The guy worked on me and then said he wasn't going to charge me. When I asked why he said, "Just - God bless you. God bless you." I'm a wreck, aren't I? Also, the neighbors across the street from my parents have a five foot neon cross in their front yard.
  • Mika's new album is on constant repeat lately. Just try to not dance while listening to it.
  • I keep going back here to the 03/22 post to see a picture with a caption that made my day. And don't miss the comment on that post that contains a picture I never would have guessed.
  • I've been feeling a little sentimental lately about all you peeps that I've met through blogging and how you've been so supportive and kind through my horrible job search. I love your cute little comments and sweet e-mails. Unfortunately, now that I have a special parking space, I'm too good for every last one of you.
  • :o)
Update: Sorry, kids. Here's the video. Mika has one fierce pout.


  1. nice! leave us behind with your special parking space fancypantsness. hmphf! ;)

    piss & vinegar- ha ha ha.

    (i am incredibly gullible and got suckered too.)

  2. Funny, I used "Piss" in my post title yesterday.....but, now that I'm thinking about it, it should have been "PissED." Oh well.....

  3. 5 foot neon cross? Look out! They're gonna convert you if you look away!

    and... who's Mika? (I'm probably revealing myself to be all shades of uncool by asking, but hell, I need some music to make me try to not dance while listening.)

  4. Remember when you paid for that lady to have her teeth cleaned?...what goes around comes around! Good for you. Love reading your blog and your humor is great! Have a great day at work!

  5. well stacey, i'll join you in the uncool but curious enough to ask crowd. being a lover of good music AND dancing, cough it up, Longer :)
    and have a FANTASTIC day at work AND in your special parking spot.

    ps - there's LOTS of uses for the word "special", ya know.....

  6. Just wait until somebody snatches that parking spot right out from under you. Who you gonna call then?

  7. So which diner customer were you and did you pinch Betty's ass?

  8. So how was your first day? Was everybody mean?

    Jane (CR's wife)

  9. Ditto on the uncool and the need for music I can't not dance to...
    Missed google's April Fool's but got taken by a couple others.