Thursday, April 26, 2007

You're Jealous

Today Adam is saying, "I don't recall ever knowing anyone hotter than LSL." He's so sweet that way. I'm yours, Adam.

What a whiner of a post that last one was. I think it was nice that no one left a comment scolding me for whining about my first-world problems.Thanks for your nice words, peeps.

Along with the job comes a little bit of sexy travel - it was described as trips to a few fun locations (examples given: Boston, Seattle) just a couple times a year. Enough to have fun, but not enough to hate traveling. That sounded perfect to me, as all the traveling I did for work in Japan was enough to last me a lifetime. So today I got word about my first trip. That's right, H@rrison, New Jersey. I'm looking forward to it. Why not? There's got to be a way to stretch it into a fun weekend someplace new. I'll be traveling with an employee, which isn't my favorite thing, but I'm hoping I can carve out a little time alone. If not, I think there's a trip to NYC soon after.

I'm exhausted and grouchy tonight, and I can't keep Adam waiting any longer, so I'm outie.


  1. if you ever have to travel to seattle, i hope we can hang out again. i mean, i only got to lick you once. ;)

  2. Love, love, love your Adam Obsession (and his obsession with you, lucky lady!)

  3. Sizzle got to lick you?!?!? After all we've been through???

    Fine. Whatever. I have ADAM to lick.



  4. Boston! Seattle! Harrison, NJ! :-)

    new jobs can be exhausting, yes? but as long as Adam's out there promising sexy fun, i imagine it's all worth it. adam, adam . . . what a man.

  5. Wow. Harrison is just one PATH train stop further out of NYC than I am. So, yeah. You definitely need to spend time in the City. There's a stop right in Harrison (only $1.50 ot the City!). It's only half hour (4 stops) to the WTC and connecting to the subway in the city. Or you can take PATH right to Midtown -- 33rd Street/Herald Square. Though on weekends that train takes longer because it makes a stop in Hoboken before heading into the West Village and on up.